Zefoy Com, how to add TikTok followers for free!

Zefoy Com, How To Add Tiktok Followers For Free!

Zefoy Com – Every social media must have a tool to increase followers, likes or comments. Be it TikTok, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Most of these tools are proven to work and are free to use.

The security issue is really questionable, but the important thing is that you follow this principle. As long as the site doesn’t ask you to enter a password or email, we can conclude that the follower enhancement tool/site is safe to use.

About Zefoy’s free TikTok follower boost

Zefoy is one of the tool options available. It provides services to increase followers, likes, views, number of shares, likes on comments and the number of viewers on your live stream.

The way it works is simple, just add a video link to your TikTok account and followers, likes, viewers will arrive in seconds. Once uploaded, you can get 25 followers, 25 likes, dozens of views, and so on.

Advantages of Zefoy.com

  • The process is fast, just a few seconds
  • free to use
  • No need to register
  • Just a video link, you don’t need to add an email or password
  • A man
  • Easy
  • One day can send multiple followers/likes/shares/views
  • The service is complete, there are followers, the number of likes, likes in the comments, the number of people who share your TikTok videos so that FYP, viewers and viewers live stream
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Missing Zefoy.com

  • Follows, likes, views and so on are sent by robots (non-human)
  • There is a time duration for each request. Can be done multiple times but there is a pause

How to use Zefoy to add TikTok followers

This site does not require users to register. You can directly use it for free.

At least that’s what’s happening now, I don’t know what will happen in the future. Typically, the more crowded the tool, the more the rules for this follower enhancement tool will improve.

How to add followers/likes/viewers here is easy:

  1. Visit http://zefoy.com
  2. So prove you’re not a robot
  3. Select one of the available services. For example, if you want to add followers, click on the ‘Followers’ menu
  4. Insert a video link from one of the posts into your TikTok account (not an account link! But a video link)
  5. Paste the link in the column provided. Click ‘Search’
  6. You are asked to wait 3 minutes. You should not close the site as the seconds will stop
  7. After 3 minutes, the words ‘Ready’ will appear.
  8. Please enter the TikTok account video link again and click ‘Search’
  9. Click ‘Send Followers’
  10. Then a ’25 Followers Sent Successfully’ notification will appear and an application to wait 20 minutes to process the next follower send request
  11. Open your TikTok app. Your followers should have increased
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So the rule is this: every time you ask for a request to send followers or likes or viewers, you have to wait a few minutes. The time varies, it’s 3 minutes, 7 minutes and so on.

But I conclude from how this tool works, once every 25 minutes you can request a request to send followers/likes/views. It could also be that the more requests, the longer the deadline. Even so, the delivery process is very fast. No more than 1 minute.

The Zefoy.com website really works 100%

I tried 3 times, and everything really works. It’s so easy to use. Just enter the link and wait a few minutes and this is the answer.

There are no onerous conditions. The site also doesn’t have many ads, it’s light, clean and doesn’t include a dangerous site.

The downside is only one, the people who follow us are just robots. Not a real human. At least it’s better than buying a TikTok follower sending service. Or maybe you are interested in opening this business, you can take advantage of the website Zefoy.com

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