YDYS Trading Review | SEC warns about YES

Ydys Trading Review |  Sec Warns About Yes

YDYS Trading Review _ YDYS packs a SEC Notice for illegally imposing a clause in the Certificate of Incorporation that allows it to request investments.

Providing just a slate page login portal, the company would make members invest in crypto securities without proper regulations. YDYS maintains other affiliate rewards and loyalty perks. But not long after starting the silent racket, YDYS caught the attention of the Philippine SEC commission.

Reacting to the incident, the Investor Protection and Enforcement Department warned the public about the scam.

If you look at the crop of MLMs online, you’ll see that they tend to preempt regulation by claiming they don’t offer titles.

In contrast, the SEC initiated the preamble to the notice by grouping any portfolio with an ROI return as an investment security under the Securities Regulatory Code (SRC). in this case, YDYS was advised to follow due diligence. A piece of advice that went to the wind, apparently.

As for the owner, Mar Albert Pondang Hidalgo, he is denounced for using therapy equipment without any deference to medical jurisdictions. He would repeat this pattern with his company YDYS MLM, ignoring local SEC laws.

Nothing else is overly suspicious about him except a short PR streak for one or two brands in the MLM business.

YDYS is his first project that ends up inside the SEC’s cord. Read more about this company in our YDYS trading review. See details below.

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YDYS Trading Review: CEO Mar Offers Crypto Bundles

We mentioned that the CEO of the company (identified as Mar hereinafter) was promoting the private sale of medical equipment. He appears to have public relations for wellness companies (at least one) in previous career iterations.

Mar regained his trading on YDYS with cryptocurrencies and dried up on package sales.

For example, you can purchase a membership pack for an attached ROI per validity period. Below is how it works.

People can sign up as YDYS members by purchasing membership packs in the 300PHP to 50,000PHP range.

High-profit members will have purchased larger packages as tier-weighted ROIs depend on the investment plan. After a forty-five (45) day cycle, the member will invest the initial deposit to continue earning ROIs.

Below is how affiliate compensation plans work

YDYS Trading membership and benefits

Gold Staking _ available for fifty thousand (50,000) PHP and forward one hundred and twenty five thousand (125,000) PHP

Orange Staking _ is worth five thousand (5000) PHP and remits twelve thousand five hundred (12,500) PHP

Blue Staking _ sells for one thousand (1000) PHP and remits two thousand five hundred (2500) PHP

Red Staking _ sells for three hundred (300) PHP and remits seven hundred (700) PHP


The packages are available for 45 (forty-five) days, after which the holder will have to reinvest and obtain ROIs.

Our YDYS trading review has already mentioned that the ROI cap is 250%. It’s a HYIP _ an unsustainable scheme that is not backed by an underlying investment.

While the YDYS website doesn’t show anything more than a proof of registration, MLMs typically encourage recruiting with single-level trellis and other referral perks. Below is how a unilevel works.

Members personally recruited by the affiliate complete the First Level. Level One referrals start Level Two by recruiting people to buy a package. Subsequently, the recursive array produces a typical MLM compensation grid.

But this feature is not seen on the website.

Alternatively, our YDYS trading review finds that members earn fifty percent (50%) in commissions through the affiliate cycle.

Additionally, affiliates can get rewards (YDYS incentives) by accumulating a “product points” cap. YDYS offers different gifts to qualified members, from phones and motorcycles to a Montero SUV car.

Our YDYS trading review found no mention of crypto audits or testimonials on the site. Is YDSY legit then? Of course, it’s not. See below for details.

YDS Execs Reprise Role Despite SEC Notice

The problem with the platform is basically the non-compliance with the Philippine SEC. It suggests various problems with the site. For one, none of the advertised cryptocurrency ads receive similar hype as online ROI posters, implying that the company focuses on recruiting.

One thing inevitably happens when the ROI-hype trumps the real backend investment _dunk of the pyramid scheme.

The SEC already warns about the risks of investing money in an unregulated business.

In the few days after the notice, YDYS employees delayed ROI payments as executives reprized roles that could trigger further SEC investigations, including obtaining a certificate of incorporation to circumvent regulation.

Conclusion _ Is it safe?


If a crypto HYIP merges former wellness product promoters into an unregulated MLM, it would be the perfect Ponzi match. And it’s not remotely the best way to invest money.

Until the SEC’s pending license issues are resolved, YDYS is not secure.

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