Yamaha officially launches 2022 RX King Reborn with 155cc engine – real info

Yamaha Officially Launches 2022 Rx King Reborn With 155Cc Engine – Real Info

Yamaha officially launches 2022 RX King Reborn with 155cc engine

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detikinfo.megazio.com.com – Yamaha officially launches 2022 RX King Reborn with 155cc engine. The Yamaha RX series is a two-wheeled vehicle that was popular in the 1980s-1990s era. Not only in Indonesia, in several countries the Yamaha RX Series is also very popular

The existence of old bikes doesn’t die, one of them is the Yamaha RX-King that is the dream partner of many people, especially in the 80’s to 90’s, because at that time this bike became the coolest, in terms of model, appearance, to the description of the engine.

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Recently, there is information circulating in the world of the two-wheeled automobile. The Yamaha manufacturer would have released a legendary motorcycle, the Yamaha RX King reborn, which will be reborn after a long sleep.

Thus, Yamaha’s RX series has recently gone viral on the internet. According to the news that Yamaha will release a new model, the RX-155, do you think there will be a rich update?

Yamaha RX King 4 stroke 2022 specs

Allegedly, even this time using a 155cc 4-stroke capacity machine is a first in Indonesia, where the Yamaha RX 4-stroke gets a new look but still takes the old concept.

In the display it is clear that the RX King 155 has a modern retro design such as the H/L LED section with DRL on the sides.

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As for the instrument panel, it is no less cool, as it uses a modern digital panel with a blue background.

Also on the bottom of the instrument is a socket for mobile charging. So, for those traveling far away, you don’t have to worry about running out of battery on your cell phone, as this bike already provides.

Furthermore, even this bike is equipped with Connection Status, Call Alert, SMS Alert and Car Battery Status.

In the rear lights of the RK King 155 motorcycle, it is equipped with an LED lighting system. For the front suspension, it uses a telecopy with 17-inch wheels and 100/80 tires with disc brakes.

then the rear uses single sweep suspension with 17-inch wheels and 100/40/60 tires with a disc drive system.

While on the kitchen track, it uses an engine equivalent to the All New Yamaha R15P4, which has a displacement of 155 cc.

Where the engine is capable of generating power of 9.1 kW at 7,250 AGN and maximum torque of 3.3 NF at 5500 AVP, and has a tank with a capacity of 10 liters.

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When viewed from the overall design of this bike, which is called the Yamaha RX King 155 4-stroke, at first glance it looks similar to the Yamaha XSR 155 and the most interesting thing is that it only costs RP 22 million.

This is the analysis we can convey about the Yamaha Officially Launches RX King Reborn 2022 with 155cc Engine. Hope the above information can be helpful and helpful to you.

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