XL’s New Xtra Combo Bundle Service, How to Activate and Quota Functions

Xl’s New Xtra Combo Bundle Service, How To Activate And Quota Functions

XL is one of the leading providers in Indonesia that always makes several innovations in their services. You want to be able to attract the interest of your customers. One of XL’s efforts to attract customers is to introduce the Xtra Combo package. This XL internet package can help you to get many advantages. This package is the latest package from XL that includes extra quota for 4G users with a very fast network. This is because it uses XL 4G LTE. Next, we will discuss about the New Xtra Combo XL package service that you need to know about.

Xl'S New Xtra Combo Bundle Service, How To Activate And Quota Functions
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XL’s New Xtra Combo Bundle Service, How to Activate and Quota Functions

For those of you who are loyal XL customers, you are of course familiar with the Xtra Combo pack he released. This package is affordable and offers several advantages to its users. One of the perks offered by the Xtra Combo package is the YouTube quota bonus which is quite interesting for you. With this YouTube quota bonus, you can support your YouTube activities on a daily basis.

Getting to know the new Xtra Combo pack

To accommodate the need for data services, PT XL Axiata Tbk introduced a new Xtra Combo package with complete package and to benefit a large internet quota, YouTube without using quota, in addition to free calls and SMS that can be enjoyed by customers.

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The new Xtra Combo package is an extension of the previous Xtra Combo package. In this case, XL continues to provide large quotas and eliminates the distribution of quotas across all networks (2G, 3G, 4G). Thus, customers can enjoy the full quota on all networks.

The New Xtra Combo Package is introduced to meet the high demand for data quota from customers. With this package, it will be easier and more efficient for customers to get the main quota or the additional data quota across the entire network.

The wider range of quality data services, including 4G LTE and 5G, will affect the growing use of data services by the public.

New distribution and quota function of the Xtra Combo package

In the New Xtra Combo package, there are 4 parts of the package, including the main quota package, YouTube quota, YouTube Unlimited quota and voice quota for all operators. In order to maximize the quota obtained from this package, you need to know the function and usage time of each quota.

Following is the distribution and function of each quota you get from the New Xtra Combo package:

Main Quota

The main quota for the XL’s new Xtra Combo package is the internet quota, which can be used in its entirety for browsing, chatting, downloading, streaming and so on. In addition, this quota can also be used for full 24 hours or no time limit and can be used for all networks.

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The YouTube quota in this New Xtra Combo package can only be used to access or stream videos on the YouTube website. This quota can be used in 24 hours with no time limit and can be used for all networks.

Kuota YouTube Unlimited

This is unlimited access to YouTube, valid only from 01:00 to 06:00 (morning). Therefore, if you access YouTube videos outside of these hours, you will use YouTube’s quota rates for the full 24 hours.

Call quota for all operators

As the name suggests, this voice quota can be used to make phone calls to all carriers, including home or business numbers. Another interesting thing about this quota, you can use it for a full 24 hours with no time limit.

How to activate the Xtra Combo package service

How to activate the New Xtra Combo pack, you can do it in 3 ways. Enter them by accessing the UMB dialing code *123# or using the MYXL application. You can also buy it through the credit counter or other online stores.

This new Xtra Combo XL pack is one of the best choices compared to other types of internet packs. This package is very suitable for those who need internet quota for their daily needs and who like to stream YouTube.

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