“Wow, beautiful Datin. Remember who you were, radiant..” – Netizen

“Wow, Beautiful Datin.  Remember Who You Were, Radiant..” – Netizen

Video of Datin Almy Nadia wearing hijab while on vacation with her family catches fans’ attention. Wow, Almy’s appearance is very sweet and beautiful, despite looking simple!!

Looking at the fizzalmyofficial Instagram account, which is the couple’s fan club instagram account, the latest share caught the attention of many. The video features this family vacation in Genting Highland.

What drew the most attention was the appearance of Datin Almy Nadia where Almy was wearing a hijab. Many praised Almy’s appearance, who looked very sweet despite appearing briefly.

The video was recorded as they and their family were on the cable car heading to Genting Highlands. Dato ‘Fizz Fairuz spends time with his family taking them on vacation before starting the last movie.

“Wow, Beautiful Datin. Remember Who You Were, Radiant..” - Netizen

By way of information, the result of the partnership of this eight-year-old couple was blessed with four bright eyes, all women. Since getting married, Almy has long since left the art world because she focuses entirely on her family.

Let’s watch the video below:

In the comments section, many praised Almy’s appearance and prayed that Almy would continue to wear a headscarf. Among the comments made:

“MasyaALLAH shanteq nye Datin Almy jgn gh1sau ape org dok mengata k… BIG is due BEAUTIFUL from the inside out..”

“Ayu berseri2 datin berhijab semoga istiqamah syukur Alhamdulillah aamiin .. Suka tengok datin Almy bertudung ..”

“Wow beautiful datin .. remember to sape td .. berseri2 .. Almy wears a hijab .. seriously gorgeous … keep wearing tau… Please keep wearing a hijab ..”

“Good vacation. Enjoy and have fun. Beautiful and radiant Datin with a headscarf.. Datin’s kids are cute…everything..”

“Subhanallah, you are so beautiful when you wear a headscarf.. Datin.. Alhamdulillah.. May all datin n datuk affairs be made easy..”

“Alhamdulillah…beautiful Datin Almy. Happy family.. Alhamdulillah..1st time comment..Your wife sgt cantik bertudung..nmpak ayu je pkai tudung bawal..nice..”

“Beautiful with an almy hijab..alhamdulillah..Datinn is already beautiful, wearing hijab is prettier. Lucky kids have sporty father and mother, I hope they continue to be happy..”

Although there is no announcement from Almy about his veiled appearance, but together we hope Almy continues to stay. May this family continue to be happy until Jannah. A man.

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“Wow, Beautiful Datin. Remember Who You Were, Radiant..” - Netizen

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