WinPaletter: customize Windows theme colors to your liking

Winpaletter: Customize Windows Theme Colors To Your Liking

WinPaletter is an open source application for Microsoft’s Windows 10 and 11 operating system that gives users more control over system color customizations.


Windows 10 and 11 users get some customization options under Settings by default. The options, displayed after right-clicking on the desktop and selecting Personalization, allow users to choose a single accent color to modify the operating system’s color set.

Users who want more control can edit the colors in the Registry. WinPaletter is an open source program for Windows that makes the process more user-friendly.

Observation: Windows SmartScreen may display a warning when you run the program. The program has been well tested on Virustotal (2 minor engine hits), and the program is likely to display the warning because it is new and not widely used.

Windows theme color customizations

Change Window Colors

WinPaletter’s user interface is well designed. It lists options on the left and a preview of the selection on the right. Some options toggle features like highlight colors or blur effect, but most allow you to select a color for specific UI elements.

Tip: You might want to save the current theme colors to a new theme file as there is no reset option. However, changing colors in the Windows settings customization menu changes the custom colors.

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A click on any of the colors opens a new page with color selection options. WinPaletter supports several color choice options:

  • Color wheel and sliders.
  • Hexadecimal color codes that you can enter manually.
  • Using a color grid.
  • Getting a color palette from a selected image.

The colors you select are shown in the preview window when you press the refresh button. There’s also a handy element picker attached to the Color Picker window, which you can use to pick an element on the canvas that you want to change the color for.

After selecting a color, you can go back and click the Apply button to apply the changes to the system. Note that this requires the program to edit the registry; you can get one or two UAC prompts from the registry console window and the registry in the process.

WinPaletter gives you full control over accents, but also over traditional Win32 user interface elements. Select the Win32 UI Elements button on the main page to open these color customization settings.

Win32 Ui Elements

There you can change the color of menus, buttons, title bars, windows and more. The process itself is identical: select an element with a click and choose a different color to apply it.

WinPaletter supports saving and loading color themes. Hit the save or load buttons on the interface to use the functionality; this is useful for saving, sharing or moving to other Windows devices.

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closing words

WinPaletter is powerful software for Windows 10 and 11 users who want more control over the colors used by the operating system. The program is well designed and easy to use. Import and export options are available to save themes with different colors.

Now you: do you keep the default colors or change them?

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