Why video and animation are great for digital marketing

Why Video And Animation Are Great For Digital Marketing

It doesn’t matter how compelling your writing is and how many talented wordsmiths you’ve hired –

The hard truth is that not everyone appreciates words. Especially if you are trying to attract potential customers through your website or social media marketing, people have a very small attention span and simply scroll through the big words and phrases.

So what’s the solution?

Thank God for the video marketing and animation; now we have something new and interesting to attract the audience.

Plus, there’s no better way to make a potential customer stay than the curiosity of an unfinished video. So if you’re someone new to the digital marketing spectrum and you’re looking for innovative ways to reach your target audience.

May we suggest you try video marketing and animation? Not only will this help you to skyrocket your SEO, but it will also be a great form of viral marketing.

The right skills!

If you’re looking for a successful video or animation marketing campaign, you’ll need the right skills to get started.

How about you acquire some of the right skills on the job and then get to work. Even if you’re someone who is just venturing into the world of digital marketing, your work shouldn’t feel amateurish.

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To learn the right skills, you will need to experiment with the help of the software. However, some of these software can punch a hole right in your pocket.

Yes, that’s how expensive they are!

But, we have the right solution for you. You can download all the software needed for your digital marketing venture for free. Just go to rarbg and start downloading. This is a decentralized peer-to-peer torrent site where you can find all your favorite movies, series, software, games and more, all for free.

Why video and animation are so popular

If you are wondering why video and animation are so popular in the digital marketing venture, then this could make you go viral.

1. The Remembrance

It is psychologically proven that videos or animated videos in general can have a greater impact on the human psyche. That is, they are able to remember these videos better than any otter marketing campaign.

A human mind is more likely to have stored moving images in its memory than a paragraph of text. Additionally, the use of jingles and our soundscape in videos can work excellently to increase the recall of your campaign.

2. Curiosity

Imagine scrolling through your social media feeds; you’re more likely to stop at an unfinished video than read a long post. Also, if the beginning of the video manages to catch your eye, you are more likely to stick around until the end.

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This will happen when you use brilliant, vibrant animation in marketing. The curiosity factor can only be achieved through a video.

3. Better understanding

It’s easier for the audience to understand your goals and motives through a video than anything else. There are many such corporate concepts that are simplified with the help of videos.

Also, you can make it more interesting with the help of a company mascot. A cartoon character representing the company is seen in most videos.

4. Less time, more impact

Yes, your audience doesn’t have the attention span, but a short video won’t require one. Although, the funny part is that; the emotional quotient is a dangerous game. Have you ever wondered why you are willing to watch an entire corporate ad just because you were able to give it an emotional tic?

You see a relatable story and your little attention goes down the drain. You’re willing to finish this entire ad, even if it’s almost a short film. This is an impact videos can have.

5. More engagement

Yes, you have more engagement. If you manage to pique your audience’s interest in the video, they are more likely to write a comment about it or share it. This is not so often with textual posts.

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This is also one of the ways a marketing campaign can go viral with just one video. So do your job right with the right skills and get ready to go viral!

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