Why PUBG New State Block Emulator? here’s the reason

Why Pubg New State Block Emulator?  Here’s The Reason

Why PUBG New State Blocks Emulator on PC/Laptop? For those who intend to play the PUBG New State game on a PC/Laptop emulator, maybe you can read this article first.

As we know, PUBG New State was released on November 11, 2021, after passing the alpha test development phase, and it is available for users of Android phones on Google Play Store and iPhone phones on App Store.

Emulators are an alternative, for those who have a PC/Laptop with qualified specifications. But it has a potato cell phone specification, which does not meet the requirements to play PUBG New State game.

Download And Play Pubg Mobile Via Emulator On Pc Gameloop

Unlike PUBG Mobile which can be downloaded and played on a PC/Laptop via Gameloop Emulator (owned by Tencent). Legally, it is allowed by Tencent, because later during matchmaking, you will also be greeted by other emulator users.

As for the PUBG New State game, the use of emulators is prohibited or not allowed. Once forced to try to play (bypass) the PUBG New State account may be banned, and it may be that if forced to play it will cause the PUBG New State game to be forced to close or crash.

The reason PUBG New State blocks or prohibits the use of the emulator is based on a reference from the official PUBG video channel: NEW STATE Media Showcase.

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Pubg New State Blokir Emulator Pc Laptop
Why PUBG New State Block Emulator? here's the reason pubg new state blokir emulator pc laptop

They implemented technology to block emulator support as well as the use of other external devices such as mouse and keyboard.

So you cannot download the game on your Laptop/PC. In addition, you also try to run the emulator on a PC, then search for the PUBG: New State game on the Play Store. Then the information will appear “Your device is not compatible with this version”.

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This is the article about the reasons why PUBG New State has blocked emulator support on PC/Laptops. Hope this can help you.

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