Why is Katie Price’s opinion of her ex-husbands so bad?

Why Is Katie Price’s Opinion Of Her Ex-Husbands So Bad?

Looks like Katie’s price despises her ex-husbands beyond imagination. A happy marriage is not everyone’s cup of tea. We know this. But forming such negative opinions about the person she once loved and caressed? She must have been very hurt in the past. However, she is set to start a new journey very soon with her now fiancé Carl Woods. This is perhaps her seventh engagement. But what happened in the past to pull her away from all her previous marriages? This is indeed a crucial question.

We hear that she has five children from her previous marriages. Also, we have to agree that she is a strong-willed woman. In this article, we will discuss Katie Price’s life and career with you. Also, we will talk about all your unhappy marriages, your reasons and your recent engagement. She herself talked about them after Patsy Kensit pointed at her. Keep following the article if you want to know more about it.

Who is Katie Price?


Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis “Katie” Price was born on May 22, 1978. First and foremost, she is an English model and media personality. Second, her birthplace is in Brighton, East Sussex, in the south east of England. In third place, Katie Price was the only child of Ray and Amy Infield. However, her father left the family when she was four years old, and in 1988, her mother married Paul Price. Fourth, she has an older half-brother named Daniel and a younger half-sister named Sophie. Fifth, she is of Italian, Spanish, English and Jewish descent.

Sixth, Price was admitted to Blatchington Mill School at Hove in East Sussex. Seventh, we heard she excelled at sports. She has swum to Sussex in regional competitions several times. Eighth, we hear that from childhood she loves to ride horses. Ultimately, she started modeling as a child, and at age 13, she modeled for a clothing line.

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At age 17, she changed her name to Katie Price.


Firstly, Katie’s price was first recognized by everyone in 1996. It was for her glamorous modeling work with frequent appearances on page 3 in the British tabloid The Sun. Furthermore, she was under the pseudonym Jordan.

Second, people saw Price in the third series of I’m a celebrity… Get me out of here Here! in 2004. In third place, in 2005, it was runner-up in the quest for the United Kingdom’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. Fourth, in 2006, she released her debut studio album, a whole new worldin collaboration with Peter Andre.

Let’s talk about your other endeavors. She starred in her own reality show, including Jordan (2002–2004), Katie and Peter (2004–2009) and Katie (2009–2012). Furthermore, Signed by Katie Price (2011) and Katie Price: My Crazy Life (2017–present). In fact, she was the fifteenth series winner of Celebrity Big Brother in 2015.

Furthermore, Katie’s price has released six autobiographical books, eleven novels, and two children’s book series. Your Angel novel was at the top of The Sunday Times bestseller list.

Let’s get a fair idea about your past relationships

Let'S Get A Fair Idea About Your Past Relationships

Now let’s talk about her ex.

  • Warren Furman (1997 – 1999)

She was engaged to Ace Gladiators star real name Warren Furman in 1997. She was engaged to Jordan for two years. But they broke up in 1999.

  • Dane Bowers (1998 – 2000)

Katie dated Another Level singer Dane Bowers while she was dating Jordan. Katie spoke about how devastated she was after the couple split in 2000.

  • Dwight Yorke (2000 – 2001)
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Katie’s price dated former Manchester United and Aston Villa football player Dwight Yorke. They dated for 18 months and had a son (Harvey) together who is autistic and blind.

  • Gareth Gates (2001-2001)

Gareth Gates became popular during Pop Idol in 2002. He started dating Katie when she was pregnant and he was 17 years old.

  • Pedro André (2004 – 2009)

We all saw how Peter Andre fell in love with Katie in I am one Celebrity… Get me out of here! Furthermore, they were seen together in a series of reality shows. They released a duet album. Katie and Peter have two children together, Junior and Princess.

  • Alex Reid (2009 – 2011)

Katie’s price married cage fighter Alex Reid less than seven months after splitting from Peter Andre. Furthermore, a channel filmed her wedding for a TV show. However, they broke up 11 months later.

  • Leandro Penna (2011 – 2012)

She became engaged to Leandro shortly after splitting from Alex Reid. Leo said of her split: “Katie’s brain isn’t wired properly, or the wires don’t connect properly. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.”

  • Kieran Hayler (2012 – 2018)

Price had a good relationship with Kieran Hayler and had two children, Jett and Bunny. However, he cheated on her with her nanny and two best friends (while she was pregnant). And again with a 19-year-old saleswoman. Katie continued to accept him back but finally ended the relationship in May 2018.

Lastly, we have Carl who she is now engaged to. After months of speculation, Katie and Carl confirmed their engagement in April 2021.

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What does Katie Price say about her ex-husbands?

“Fame-hungry money grabbers” is what she said about them in her post. We know who she really means is Peter Andre and Kieran Hayler. Andre had criticized her “wild” behavior. And what can we say about Hayler? He cheated on her several times. In addition, she can also stand for Yorke. We know he never came to visit his son.

Patsy Kensit gave some opinions on Katie’s price marriage, and she agreed to them.

In a recent interview, actress Patsy said that only two of her four marriages were “significant”. Also, Katie agreed with her wholeheartedly.

She wrote: “Omg Patsy Kensit, you nailed it too.”

“None of mine, I can say, were significant, and when I parted ways with them, all of their true colors certainly came out.”

Is it over there so she used a lot of hashtags to show how much she agrees. “#moneygrabbers #famehungry #fake #obsessed #nobodiesbeforeme #imadethem”.

From The Insiders, we learn that former Love Island star Carl designed the ring himself. And Katie “wanted a huge rock.”

Furthermore, the couple has known each other for as long as friends but started dating during lockdown.

Katie’s price told us good things about her man earlier. “We know we are going to get married and have children. It’s so nice to be with a man who doesn’t want to be famous.”

Final grade

Katie’s price faced many problems in his previous marriages and relationships. However, we hope she finally gets her share of happiness this time around.

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