Why Google Plus is not as good as Facebook

Why Google Plus Is Not As Good As Facebook

PelajarWp.com Why Google Plus is not as good as Facebook -As the title of this title says, Google has a long way to go if it wants to catch up with Facebook. You have to give them a handicap to get into this game well after Facebook asserted itself as the number one game in town, but right off the bat here are 4 things they just don’t or won’t do for most people:


Google doesn’t offer a larger audience like Facebook. Aside from their own search engine, most people don’t use Google’s other resources and tools that have a reputation for being more technologically inclined. Let’s just say my grandmother won’t be joining Google+ anytime soon. Of course, he’s not on Facebook either, but I’m sure I can get him there before Google Plus.

Facebook has the luxury of being a social network that anyone can easily join. They emphasize ease of use and intuitiveness above anything else, and Google isn’t firmly known for that.

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Facebook in its simplest and most intuitive way to like something that exists… “likes” something. Clicking this button gives you your thumbs up, sealing your good content by sharing that you “like” it. Also, something that doesn’t sound so good and isn’t even close to a straight line.

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While I’ve mentioned giving them the benefit of the downside of getting into the game so late, you can’t help but easily dismiss this as the biggest attack on Google Plus. Not only are people new to Google+ and wary of injections, but most people are already juggling various existing social networks. We have Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter; and that’s just to name a few great ones.

People like simplicity, and we were already at a point where our social media sections were getting busier before Google+ came in, so it’s not like people are clamoring to add another social network to their repertoire.


In the end, the problem is that Google+ is no better than Facebook. Facebook has almost everything that Google has and more. It’s just another Facebook alternative with a very famous father. The interface isn’t any better (Facebook is about as simple and intuitive as you can get) and it doesn’t offer anything to put you in front of Facebook.

However, while Google+ is still in an experimental stage, but live, it’s entirely possible that those trying it are on the ground floor of something big. On the other hand, if it fails, disappears slowly or quickly, and Google never knows of its existence again, it will just be a waste of time for those who dare to try.

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