Why didn’t the first iPhone have a copy and paste feature? A former Apple engineer reveals

Why Didn’t The First Iphone Have A Copy And Paste Feature?  A Former Apple Engineer Reveals

Apple is a science and technology brand that has made a big name for the company, this company has been developing a number of electronic and software digital gadgets for many years. Today, it is involved in the development of a virtual reality expansion program and this includes many reality-based aspects, but this advanced company is not the same 15 years back, then it was a small company that somehow launched the first iPhone in 2006 to be a speech model in the city, but has a big mistake that these days is considered a stupid mistake a, keep reading below to find out the mistake and how the business came about. Follow more updates at GetIndiaNews.com

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Apple iPhone series phone, this phone has had a very long way in the process of technological development and is in the first place since it started a long way, 15 years ago and first entered the market with the launch of its iPhone 1 product, it was the most desirable smartphone. and because the phone has achieved good results and ratings and the product has been liked by the market, it connects customers with its products, which provide customers with benefits and an established apple in position as a a technology giant that is leading the market these days, and has launched several other products that consumers also like.

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But you may not know that the big tech giant made mistakes, as you may or may not know, why the first iPhone didn’t have the option to command copy and paste. as this was recently revealed by former iPhone software engineer and designer Ken Kocienda, engg shared with us the fact Apple is a technology organization based in Caperton, it didn’t come up with Copy and paste feature in your first iPhone. Ken Kocienda joined the application in 2001 as one of Apple’s key engineering teams and working on iPhone projects at the time, sharing information like he said we were running out of time and we were busy.

Other features, such as the band, work on the iPhone virtual keyboard and auto-fix system and couldn’t get the first iPhone ready by boot time, and the first iPhone was introduced without this copy and paste feature after they decided to work on copying and pasting. function, and the team of engineers has a stunning idea of ​​a text magnifying glass or text magnification that tells the user exactly where the text pointer points, but this problem is not solved even when these classic magnifying glasses seem to increase words but the cursor does not work in according to the command and eventually moved between characters.

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Because it responds very sensitively and cannot keep it in place at the desired character, they had to develop new programming that will be a touch history log, a log in which recently touched characters are stored temporarily, this will show a limited character in the magnifying glass , when we keep the touch in a certain place, and make it easier to discover the place that helped the user to keep the pointer in the place where the user really directed it.

This work is also explained by the fact that when the user removes a finger for a millisecond immediately after the last touch, the screen that will be the last pointer will stay in place and the glass will only magnify those words and the copy and paste feature is finally introduced in this version of the series The iPhone version of OS 3.0 software from 2009 and later editions of the iPhone is pre-installed.

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