Who was Sam Waisbren? Died in 2019 Elevator Accident Wikipedia Girlfriend

Who Was Sam Waisbren?  Died In 2019 Elevator Accident Wikipedia Girlfriend

A horrific incident that occurred in 2019, where a young man from Wisconsin named Sam Waisbren lost his life, remains an internet trend. He was 30 years old at the time. The heartbreaking incident cost Sam his life as he was exiting the elevator, but he was unable to successfully exit and was trapped there. Due to the accident, he suffered serious neck and shoulder injuries. Also, when he was rescued, Sam succumbed to his injuries. A video of the entire incident recorded on the CCTV camera is available on the internet. It continues to remind people of the horrible incident. We will see more details about Waisbren in the following blog.

Who is Sam Waisbren?

Sam Waisbren was born to Charles and Laura Waisbren in Wisconsin. He completed his education from Nicolet High School and Milwaukee Jewish Day School. He later went to the University of Wisconsin at Madison to continue his studies. Talking about his career, he was a successful software sales rep for CB Insights. Sam was a hardworking, loving, caring guy who cares about his people. His family are proud of him for his success.

But who would have thought that peace would turn into a terrible dream without end. It was August 22, 2019 when he met his mortal end. The mortal finished as he was trying to get out of his elevator. But somehow stuck there between the elevator apartment and the shaft.

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Sam Waisbren elevator accident

The Sam Waisbren elevator incident happened in the 23-story building. The entire incident was recorded on CCTV footage present at the scene. In the video you can see how Sam was crushed between the elevator and the shaft. Due to the accident, he had neck and shoulder injuries. At the time it happened, Waisbren was 30 years old.

Video of Death

You can find Sam Waisbren’s video Reddit on the social media platform Reddit. The video was footage of the exact incident that happened at the time. We warn you before watching the clip as it contains graphics. You might find it disturbing, so don’t watch it if you’re a soft-hearted person. Brittany Lewis wrote on Facebook, “Sam Waisbren, a Wisconsin native, was tragically killed when the elevator he was in in his New York building failed nearly two weeks ago.

His brother created a Go Fund Me page to create the Sam Waisbren Milwaukee Memorial Basketball Program. The program would create basketball teams similar to Sam’s as a child and would also include mentoring sessions.”

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