Who was Erica Pantoja? What happened to her? Check the cause of death

Who Was Erica Pantoja?  What Happened To Her?  Check The Cause Of Death

The recent brutal murder of Erica Pantoja of San Jose has shattered and saddened everyone out there. As per the latest reports, the San Jose Police Association created a GoFundMe page to help and support the family of the late Erica Pantoja. Police officers hope donations from the public will help Erica’s children. All children are aged between 1-10 years. Erica Pantoja was the mother of six children. According to other reports, Erica’s children will stay with Erica’s sister and grandmother.

The family is going through a very tragic and devastating phase of their life lately. Erica’s tragic and deadly murder destroyed and devastated the entire family. Children lost their mother at such a young age, and it is very painful to know. The family is organizing these donations for the education of the children and this process will also help the family to heal from this traumatic and devastating time in their life. No one could ever imagine that Erica would be killed and leave this world so soon.

According to police reports, Erica Pantoja was at her residence with all six children and suddenly her ex-husband arrived at their apartment located in northern San Jose. Suddenly, the couple started a fight. Hearing the fight, building security rushed to help her. Erica’s ex-husband fatally shot the guard and Erica. This barbaric incident took place before the police arrived at the scene of the incident. Erica couldn’t survive her ex-husband’s fatal shot. After shooting both of them, her husband also killed himself, and all three died.

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After this brutal and barbaric incident, Erica’s sister posted about domestic violence on social media. Her sister stated that you should never keep silent about domestic violence. She urged all people suffering from domestic violence to report a complaint against their abusers. She asked all of them not to put up with domestic violence and to take a stand against it. This tragic and deadly shooting shocked and destroyed everyone in the neighborhood. The guard who came to rescue Erica was labeled a hero by the cops and their loved ones.

Everyone praises him for defending a woman who was being abused by her husband. People are calling him a hero as he did such a brave thing without even once caring about his life. This unfortunate incident shook and shocked everyone. This incident caused everyone pain. People are generously going out and donating on the GoFundMe page created by the San Jose Police Department. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information, stay tuned with us.

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