Who makes Urfi Javed fashion stylish? Meet the hairdresser

Who Makes Urfi Javed Fashion Stylish?  Meet The Hairdresser

Urfi Javed emerged from the Bigg Boss OTT and became a social media sensation. Urfi created a buzz in the internet world with his unique fashion. Urfi often continues to make new experiments and surprise fans. Urfi Javed is currently busy showing her sewing talent to the world. Urfi constantly surprises people with his impeccable style and fashion. We told you who helps shape the design of Urfi’s clothes, but do you know who prepares Urfi? Who can match hairstyles to each of Urfi’s outfits? I don’t know, so let’s tell you.

This is Urfi Javed’s hairdresser

Urfi Javed, no one can guess what to do. Urfi’s fashion buzz is always there, but the actress’ look is always on point. Urfi’s hairstyle is also unique to each dress. Urfi Javed completes all the Jaiswal music fashion looks. Urfi also tagged Geeta frequently in his post and thanked him.

Geeta Jaiswal also continues to post videos on her social media account preparing Urfi. Miss Javed herself decides which hairstyle to go with each Urfi look, but Geeta does the job of grooming her well. Geeta was also seen at all of Urfi’s outdoor events.

Urfi Javed keeps doing new hair experiments along with his style. Often Urfi is seen carrying new hairstyles with each outfit. Fans are also very fond of Urfi’s fashion game.

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