Who is the judge’s daughter? Who shot the boyfriend

Who Is The Judge’s Daughter?  Who Shot The Boyfriend

CBI succeeds in murder case of national-level marksman Sukhmanpreet Singh alias Sippy Sidhu. The CBI arrested Judge Kalyani Singh’s daughter on Wednesday over the murder of Sippy Sidhu in Chandigarh in 2015.

The CBI said the motive for the murder was the sour relationship between Sukhmanpreet and Kalyani. According to the report, there was a fight between the two due to the love angle and the murder. Accused by Kalyani Singh’s mother, Sabina is a judge at the Supreme Court of Himachal Pradesh. Previously, Judge Sabina was placed on the Punjab and Haryana High Court in Chandigarh.

Sippy Sidhu was shot dead in Chandigarh Park.

Sippy Sidhu was shot dead on September 20, 2015. Sidhu was shot in a park in Sector 27 of Chandigarh. A 12-gauge pistol was used in the murder, of which four bullets were fired. Chandigarh Police have registered a murder case at the Sector-26 police station. In January 2016, the case was transferred to the CBI. During the investigation, in September 2016, the CBI announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh to the person who hinted at the murder.

What did the CBI tell the court about the murder?

The CBI told the special court that the judge’s daughter, Kalyani Singh, had contacted Sippy Sidhu by cell phone on September 18, 2015. Kalyani did not make that call on her cell phone, but on someone else’s phone. On the phone, Kalyani Singh called Sippy Sidhu to meet him at Sector 27 park, Chandigarh, on 20 September. Kalyani and Sippy met at that park between September 18th and 20th.

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Both were found at night, and Sidhu’s body was found in the morning.

The CBI told the court that there is evidence to substantiate the existence of Kalyani Singh with Sippy Sidhu on the night of September 20, 2015, the day of the murder. The CBI told the court that the investigation revealed that an unidentified assailant and Kalyani Singh shot Sippy Sidhu. Both were seen running from the scene after being shot. Sippy Sidhu was shot four times with a ‘handgun’ on September 20, 2015. His body was found the next day.

Kalyani wanted to marry Sippy Sidhu.

The CBI said that Kalyani Singh and Sukhmanpreet Singh (aka Sippy Sidhu) were in a close relationship. Both loved each other. Kalyani Singh wanted to marry Sippy Sidhu, but Sippy Sidhu’s parents rejected her proposal. Sippy Sidhu’s parents did not want her son to marry Kalyani. Due to this, there was a break in their relationship and a dispute started regarding their marriage. Fights broke out between the two.

The CBI further said that Sippy Sidhu had leaked photos of him and Kalyani Singh to his parents and friends. Due to this, Kalyani Singh’s family had to be embarrassed. Kalyani Singh has been under the CBI scanner for a long time, as during the investigation, it came to light that a woman was accompanying Sidhu’s killer.

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The CBI also filed an ‘untraceable report’ on this case in 2020, which did not have enough evidence to make claims. According to Sidhu’s mother, Sippy sent pictures to Kalyani’s father and asked how to marry Kalyani. Kalyani got very angry about this and went back home and fought with Sidhu.

Learn more about Sukhmanpreet Singh, also known as Sippy

Sukhmanpreet Singh, alias Sippy Sidhu, was a national-level marksman and lawyer by profession. He also had his law firm in Chandigarh. Sippy Sidhu’s father was an assistant attorney general. At the same time, his grandfather was a judge at the Punjab-Haryana High Court. Kalyani Singh was arrested Wednesday (June 15) in the Sippy murder case, after which Kalyani was sent into CBI custody for four days. The late Sippy’s family says that Kalyani and his family framed the entire conspiracy to kill Sidhu; no betel nut killer is involved in the entire murder.

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