Where is the former member of Banda Menudo today? Update

Where Is The Former Member Of Banda Menudo Today?  Update

When Menudo, a boy band, was created by Edgardo Diaz in 1977, no one imagined the kind of meteoric fame they would achieve in the following years. The boy band’s music was a hit with teenagers, and the group had 32 members over twenty years. HBO Max’s ‘Menudo: Forever Young’ details the band’s rise over the years and the numerous allegations of sexual abuse against Edgardo by former members. Roy Rossello, who was in the band during the 1980s, presented his story in 2014, more than two decades later. So let’s find out what happened then, shall we?

Who is Roy Rossello?

Growing up, Roy lived very close to Menudo’s offices, and he once stayed outside Edgardo’s office when the band was in Puerto Rico. At this point, fans sought out Roy to ask for autographs, believing he would be part of Menudo. According to Roy, Edgardo noticed this, leading to their meeting. However, Roy’s experience was anything but pleasant after that. He said: “I started visiting his mother’s (Edgardo Díaz) house in Caguas (Puerto Rico) where he gave me gifts, he gave me gifts, he could just manipulate me, put it in my mind that I was going to be famous, that the time has come for my opportunity (sic).”

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Where Is The Former Member Of Banda Menudo Today? Update

Roy stated that Edgardo fell in love with him, so he was the one to join the band without an audition. However, Roy added that the abuse started a few months before he joined the rest of the group. So when Edgardo visited Roy’s home with the contract in 1983, the teenager was adamant not to go along. But his mother, who was unaware of the reported abuse at the time, encouraged him to seek a better life for himself.

Regarding the abuse, Roy said in 2014: “Yes, they abused me. I didn’t talk about it because everything in this life has its moment, and now I’m spiritually ready to talk. Edgardo Díaz sexually abused us. I was 13 and it happened several times.” Additionally, Roy claimed that Edgardo threatened to kick him out of the group if he talked about it with anyone.

In another shocking allegation, Roy spoke of an incident that took place at a party in Puerto Rico. He said, “At the last party I went to, Edgar made Ricky [Martin] dress up as a woman. I went in and ran out. I called Robi [Draco Rosa], who came and punched him as I ran away. I arrived on the street and was praying that a car would run over me.” Furthermore, Roy stated that Edgardo’s mother knew about her son’s behavior, adding, “She knew of the disturbance that Edgardo had, that he was a pedophile. And his mother knew about his deviations.”

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Where is Roy Rossello today?

Roy has always maintained that he only presented his story to raise awareness of what happened back then. He also talked about how the ordeal affected him, even going so far as to force him to try to kill himself more than once. Fortunately, Roy is doing much better today. He lives in Brazil, does singing tours, makes radio appearances and seems to be enjoying life in general. Previously, he was also part of a reality show where he first claimed Edgardo had abused him. Furthermore, Roy got into the coffee business. While he was once married and had children, the singer is currently single.

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