When Your Eyes Were Awakened by Simple Silence Chapter 21

When Your Eyes Were Awakened By Simple Silence Chapter 21
It was a long and painful night.

When it was all over, Avery was so tired he passed out.

The next morning, Elliot showed up at the Sterling Group around 10am, as usual.

When he entered his office, Ben walked in.

“I went to Twilight to see you last night, but I couldn’t reach you. Avery Tate left you early?

Elliot raised an eyebrow and said, “Is that what you want to talk about?”

Ben smiled bitterly and placed the file in his hand on Elliot’s desk.

“These are Tate Industries’ financial reports for the last few years. It took me a while to look. Their problem is quite deep.”

Ben paused and added, “Their CFO stole at least three hundred million dollars. I heard he was Jack Tate’s brother-in-law.”

Elliot’s eyes narrowed slightly.

If what Ben said is true, it’s not just new product development that Tate Industries is facing bankruptcy.

“This is the lesson. Let’s all be careful about choosing the right wife,” Ben sighed. “If Jack Tate hadn’t had a relationship with Wanda Tate before, the Tates wouldn’t be in such a mess.”

Elliot’s expression was cold as he said, “It proves that women are obstacles on the road to success.”

“Sounds like you’re determined to really divorce Avery Tate!” said Ben. “When are you going to get through this? Should we celebrate your return to single life?”

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Elliot raised an eyebrow and said softly, “Don’t you have a job?

Ben got up from his chair, was silent and said, “I’m leaving…but just a friendly reminder. Shouldn’t you do something with your neck bruise? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you scratched the cat. Looks like a hot night for these two!”

“Outside!” Elliot sneezed and said hoarsely.

Ben immediately left the room.

Fifteen minutes after Ben left, Chelsea knocked on Elliot’s office door.

“Are you busy, Elliot? We have something to talk about that is not about work,” he said as he walked in and closed the door behind him.

Elliot looked at the emails in his inbox and said, “I’m busy right now. I’m busy. We can talk about things that aren’t about work after work!”

Chelsea was stunned for a moment, but she stubbornly approached her desk and said, “I’ll tell you now! It’s more important than work.”

He handed the file he had brought to Elliot and said, “Look at this. I’m sure you will be shocked by its content.”

He sat down in the chair opposite him, and his eyes immediately fell on the scratch on his neck.

He didn’t have to think long to know what it was.

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A wave of jealousy surged through him.

“Did you sleep with Avery Tate last night?” he exclaimed with a slight vibration. “Elliot, she’s not worth your sincerity!”

“Shut up!”

Elliot’s furrowed brows showed his impatience.

“My relationship with him has nothing to do with you!”

As he said those words, he opened the file and looked at the documents inside.

Maternal Health Archive

Name: Avery Tate

Feminine gender

Pregnancy age: 12 weeks

The veins in Elliot’s forehead throbbed as he read the file.

The cold in his eyes was deadly.

He held back his anger and continued reading.

Loves: Cole Foster

Elliot tossed the file onto the table.

Avery is pregnant and Cole is the father!

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