When Your Eyes Opened Chapter 1051 | Simple Silence

When Your Eyes Opened Chapter 1051 |  Simple Silence

Chapter 1051

“Oh…yes, how can my uncle be Nathan’s son?” Cole said here, taking the picture of Nathan and looking at it carefully standing up.

Nathan’s photo is a surveillance screenshot of the restaurant where Henry ate that day.

So the photo is a little blurry.

Only the outline of facial features can be seen clearly.

“Dad, do you think my uncle and Nathan are a bit alike?” Cole handed Nathan’s picture to his father, “If you don’t think about it, I don’t think they look alike. The two are similar and very similar.”

After Henry looked at Nathan’s picture a few times, the expression on his face gradually solidified.

Henry hasn’t compared Elliot’s appearance to Nathan’s appearance before, but now after hearing Cole’s words, he feels that the two of them are in fact a bit alike.

“If Nathan really does have a particularly amazing son, stomping his feet on Aryadelle can make Aryadelle shiver three times, as I feel my uncle is more in agreement with what he said?” Cole wondered. “These other rich people are completely different from Nathan. Only my uncle bears any resemblance to him.”

Henry was greatly stimulated and was speechless.

Henry had never heard that Elliot wasn’t a son of the Foster family. When his mother was still alive, she was very fond of Elliot. If Elliot wasn’t a son of the Foster family, why should his mother love this little boy so much?

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But he wondered if Elliot’s personality was different from the rest of the Foster family. Also, Elliot’s appearance appeared to be different from the rest of the Foster family.

“Father, even if Elliot is not our family, but Nathan’s son, what can we do? Now the Foster family has been utterly defeated, and only Elliot is left to uphold the Foster family’s reputation. He has no choice.” Cole leaned back on the couch and sighed helplessly.

“If he wasn’t our family, at least he’d have to pay us a lot of money!” Henry frowned and gritted his teeth: “When he founded the Sterling Group, his grandmother gave him a lot of seed money! If According to proportion, at least a third of the Sterling Group must belong to the Foster family now!”

Cole’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Dad, if Elliot isn’t really our family, then… isn’t he going to make a fortune?”

“Hehe, how can you be sure he’s not from our family?”

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“It’s better to do DNA!”

“Are you going to him?” Henry joked, “You think he’ll take care of you, don’t you?”

Cole was stunned. Didn’t he dare go to Elliot, much less question Elliot’s identity?

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Henry said, “You can only start on Nathan’s side. This matter is of great importance. Don’t tell the public first.”

Cole nodded, “Dad, this could be an opportunity God has given us!”

Henry said, “This can kill us too! Don’t you know what kind of person Elliot is? If he breaks his face, he can kill us directly.”

Cole’s expression suddenly changed.

Adoptive family.

After Avery showered, she grabbed her key and walked up to the second-floor master bedroom. She was at the door to the master bedroom, feeling uncomfortable.

Mrs. Scarlet was at the entrance to the stairs and looked at her, and she was scared too, “Avery, why don’t you go to the guest room to rest!”

OK. Then Avery inserted the key into the keyhole and opened the master bedroom door. She opened the door, walked in and closed the door.

The room was dark, but Elliot could be vaguely seen lounging on the bed.

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