When Your Eyes Open Chapter 1040

When Your Eyes Open Chapter 1040

Chapter 1040

Avery was about to ask who said that, but as a result, Eric came.

“Mommy! Uncle Eric is here!”

Layla said, and immediately ran to the courtyard gate.

“Layla, take it slow!” Avery came over and said.

The car stopped outside the gate. Eric got out of the car.

“Avery, I took Layla away. When she finishes playing, I will send her back.” Eric walked over to Avery and looked at her tenderly.

Avery said: “Every holiday, you help take care of the kids. Will it really affect you?”

Eric took Layla’s little hand and said, “If Layla doesn’t accompany me, I might get even more bored. Let’s go first. I’ll call you when we reach our destination.”

“Okay, safe trip.”

After Avery sent Layla away, the entire village was completely empty. As the three children were not at home, she also gave the other servants a vacation.

Now there is only one bodyguard in the house to ensure your safety.

Avery entered the house and went to the kitchen first to wash the utensils used for breakfast. Then he went to the cleaning room to find the sweeping robot. She turned it on and let it start up.

She took a cloth and basin, went to wash her hands with water, and planned to clean the house.

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Elliot hasn’t contacted Avery either, and Avery didn’t know when Elliot would come to her.

Just as Avery was thinking about Elliot, the phone suddenly rang. She immediately put down the cloth and the basin of water, went into the living room, took out her cell phone and answered it.

“Avery, should the kids go out? Let’s go shopping!” Tammy’s voice came over the phone.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to go out and play with Jun?”

Tammy said excitedly: “It’s also for playing at night! I want to shop during the day. There are a lot of activities outside today! You’re free now?”

“I’m free! So I’m cleaning my house now and Elliot hasn’t come to see me.

“You’re really nice! You wait for me at home. I’ll drive to pick you up!” Tammy finished talking and hung up the phone.

Avery looked at the pajamas on her body and frowned. Since Elliot doesn’t come looking for her, let’s go shopping with Tammy!

She walked back to the bedroom and found a long skirt from the closet to put on. After looking at the weather outside the window, she grabbed another thin knit sweater and put it on.

After getting dressed, she walked over to the makeup mirror and started to get dressed. After doing all that, she picked up the phone and called Elliot.

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Today during the day, she will not accompany him, who told him not to make an appointment earlier.

If the date is not active, let him play alone.

She called Elliot and Elliot answered quickly.

“Avery, what are you doing? Did the children leave?” Elliot’s voice came calmly.

Avery snorted coldly, “don’t tell me, you’re still sleeping.”

“No. I’m already up and having breakfast.”

Avery said angrily, “Oh, you eat slowly. I’m going shopping with Tammy. You can play alone during the day today!”

Elliot said in a lazy voice with a smile, “Okay. Let’s go on a date tonight. I’ll send you the address for the night meeting later.

Avery felt awkward: “Have you set a date for the night?”

“We will. You go shopping with Tammy first and we’ll see tonight.” Elliot’s tone was a little more serious.

“Yea.” Avery hadn’t expected him to book a spot for the night so soon.

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