WhatsMock Version 1.8.1 APK – file.papuanews.id

Whatsmock Version 1.8.1 Apk – File.papuanews.id

About WhatsMock version 1.8.1

WhatsMock or APK WhatsApp Mock Pro is the latest version of WhatsApp Mod called Mock which comes with the latest version at the moment v1.8.1.
Through this app, you can easily create fake chat, create fake profile, until the status you create is also fake. In addition, there are also a lot of cool features that you can get.
The modified version 1.8.1 WhatsMock app is of course currently highly sought after so it is very fitting that when it was released it immediately became a trend across various media platforms from search media to social networks like Google , YouTube, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other media. . other social.
Whatsmock 1.8.1 APK that we share is actually available in 2 versions, namely the Mod version and also the original version that you can directly download from Playstore.
Also, for modded fake chats, you can download them directly through the button we provide without the hassle of going to Apkpure or other app websites.

WhatsMock Latest Features Version 1.8.1 APK

Though someday the developer will definitely make some Bug related improvements and in the end WhatsMock Version 1.8.1 becomes Old Version.
However, for version 1.8.1, some additional features that you will be able to enjoy can be seen in full below.

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1. Dark Mode

Just like the GB WhatsApp feature we shared, the Dark Mode feature allows users to chat comfortably in low-light locations.
As we know that UV rays are very harmful to our eyes, for this it is necessary to reduce the light so that it is in balance with your eyes.

2. Fake Whatsapp chat
Thanks to this feature, you can create scenarios and play pranks by creating two WA chats.
If we usually need 2 cell phones to carry out a round-trip chat with a predetermined message, with WhatsMock APK you can play with just 1 cell phone.

3. Fake WhatsApp Status
You can fake various statuses in the simulated version of WhatsApp, from video, photo, post and even audio status like music and songs.

4. Creating a fake profile
You can register a number and create a Fake Profile very easily and quickly.
With this Unreal Profile you can fool other people and even your own friends.

5. Lots of emoji options
There is a wide variety of emoticons that are generally available on Android phones and iPhones.
The number of Emoji or Smileys is very large, even users can use it for more interesting chats.

6. Fake call

Whatsmock APK v1.8.1 allows you to also make video calls and regular calls anonymously.
You can use this feature to call other people privately with a hidden number.

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7. Control of sending and receiving messages

Unlike WA Blaster which can filter sender and recipient numbers, WhatsMock also has the same features.
You can block numbers with one tap and even reject a number from calling us.

8. HD Quality Images, Video and Audio

Normally the Network, WhatsApp terms and conditions can send media like music, photos, videos and other documents are limited, but in WhatsMock This Media, it definitely has HD graphics.
With the importance of WhatsApp already being used by companies and many for commercial purposes like documentation, WhatsMock Mod really supports high image quality.

9. Screenshot and direct sharing

If we can usually take screenshots using Hotkey Power and Volume Up buttons, using WhatsApp Mock Mod APK you can SS and share directly with other WA users.

10. No watermark

You can use WhatsMock app version 1.8.1 without watermark or sandmark.
So, every time you create fake status in the form of videos and photos, you can of course create status without WhatsMock logo.

11. More features

In addition to the features we mentioned earlier, of course, there are many features and details that we cannot mention one by one.
You can download Whatsmock version 1.8.1 APK 2021 Anti Banned to enjoy all full features.

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