WhatsApp Prime Apk App Latest Full Version Free For Android iPhone PC

Whatsapp Prime Apk App Latest Full Version Free For Android Iphone Pc

Whatsapp Prime apk It is an updated and modified version of regular whatsapp. Meanwhile, it provides many amazing features that you may not see in the official whatsapp messaging app. As there are so many whatsapp mod APK they are present on the internet with many different types of unique and powerful features as well as very useful. One of the best features added in whatsapp app is to send group invites to many with just one click through the use of Whatsapp Prime App. This newly introduced powerful feature makes this app the most popular in the list of latest whatsapp mods available today.

Whatsapp Prime Apk App Free Download
Free Complete Whatsapp Prime Apk App For Android iPhone PC

Added Key Features of Whatsapp Prime Apk Latest Version App

A boost file transfer option:

Whatsapp Prime Apk App For Android Latest Version 2020 can transfer 300 files at once, including images, videos or documents.

View media without downloading:

User does not need to download media using this app. It can be viewed without downloading any kind of image and video.

Disable reply option:

You can disable replies for any type of chat from your contacts. This means that you can send messages, but your connection is prohibited from replying when someone sends you the replies. Due to this impressive and very useful advanced function, one-way communication is now absolutely easy and possible.

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Copy status:

if you like a specific status, you can copy and paste it into your status bar using Whatsapp Prime Apk App Full Version Free.

How to use Whatsapp Prime Apk app

Never get banned:

The developers produced Whatsapp Prime Apk App for iPhone and PC with legal sets of codes and protocols. Consequently, you will not be banned from the original app after performing any kind of activity using whatsapp.

Increase video size:

The video upload size is increased to 70 MB, which was previously not even available in the original app.

Presentation From the photo quality:

Whatsapp Prime App for Cell Phones deliver your photos in the same condition as you uploaded them. So it helps that your recipient gets the same resolution and file size for these images.

Disable and enable the call button;

Sometimes when you use whatsapp apk, it may happen that you accidentally press and click the call button when opening the chat. This problem has been fixed in this Updated WhatsApp Prime Mod APK. So now you can toggle the call button on and off just by clicking once whenever you want.

Increase character limit:

Character limits on all options have now increased a lot using this whatsapp mod. Now, you can express more character freedom while chatting with your family or friends.

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Group invite:

Now you’re just a tap away to join any group or invite someone. So now you can directly send the link to all your friends to join the group. And by tapping that link, they automatically added to it.

False Location:

Sometimes there are situations where we can’t tell you the truth where you are at the current moment. So here’s to save you from those difficult and critical situations. You can send fake location to any of your friends or family.

High quality images:

Now you can share images with other whataspp users without losing quality. Consequently, you can send it in original quality using Whatsapp Prime apk.

silence conversation:

Now you can mute the conversation until whenever you want!!

Video limits:

Essential thing that must be needed that has been added in this app. So now you can share the video up to 70MB size, which was the 16MB limit.

Very light size app

Most importantly, the app’s size is very small so you won’t face any storage issues when you download or install it. To get access to this version, you needed to delete original whatsapp from your device after backing up all your chats. This will ensure that you don’t miss any of them. Also, once you delete this, you have to get it on your Android phone and add your phone number. Let’s enjoy now all set, you will get back all your group chats that were backed up.

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Also, in the latest version of whatsapp prime apk the app, you can last see any of your contacts without opening the app, you can see it directly on the contact screen.

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