What is the language of love? Understand that it will help your relationship

What Is The Language Of Love?  Understand That It Will Help Your Relationship

DEJAVANEWS.COM – Which what a love language? which yea use love language?

One time no have you heard of it love language?

Many people still don’t know the language of love.

love language it is the language of demonstrated love or a way of expressing affection to a partner or loved ones.

The language of love is not only intended for a relationship between partners, but it can also be shown outside of that context.

They could be parents or friends. Nonetheless, love language often reserved for romantic relationships.

In fact, it is good for a person to know the language of their love for each other so that the relationship is more lasting and both parties feel loved.

Furthermore, through understanding love languageit can also help determine how to behave in a relationship.

We each have our own way of expressing love.

Some express their affection through words, others often spend time together.

It’s not the only way to express love.

There are several other ways to show the language of love to a loved one.

1. Words of Affirmation (word of affirmation)

Some people will be excited when they hear words that are said firmly, either in person or through a voice message or a letter.

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A person with this love language expects to receive words of love from a loved one.

2. Act of placement (Service Act)

Well, unlike the language of love word of affirmationa person with the language of love act of service will be very happy to receive good treatment, that is, ‘service’.

However, don’t get me wrong, service here is not demanding that you do something extravagant.

Instead, through simple actions or something that can ease the burden, you can already show affection for a loved one.

For example, helping with household chores, serving your favorite food, or just having a drink after exercise.

3. Receive gifts (receiving gift)

This love language is for people who feel loved by receiving various gifts from their loved ones.

So if you have a partner with this love language, give him a gift that will make him feel loved.

You can give simple gifts or pay attention to small things like what he usually wears.

This will help you to consider the right gift.

4. Quality time (quality time)

Here’s love language for people who expect their partner’s undivided attention. That is, when they spend as much time together as possible, there is no outside interference.

Spending time together is really focused on being together.

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5. Physical Touch (physical touch)

Perhaps for someone who doesn’t understand the language of love, this one will find it strange. But it is not, Do you know. No negative thinking first yes.

This last love language does not mean a love language that leads to negative things. Instead, love languages ​​that like physical touch, like holding hands, hugging or clapping on the shoulder, and other small touches.

For example, sometimes when a loved one is looking really good, your partner may mess up or just touch the loved one’s hair.

well this is some love languages what you should know. Hope it helps, okay?


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