What is the best place to save for me?

What Is The Best Place To Save For Me?

Confused looking for a place to save that doesn’t interfere with your thoughts and daily work?

Melvin Mumpuni, one of the financial planners at the same time founder and my Finance CEO has the answer for you right here!

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A savings site that’s right for you

In an age that is too easily exposed to information, we are sometimes overwhelmed to sort through the information we receive.

This also applies to financial information. The ease of making investments, making lots of FOMO people, and competing to go with the flow.

However, it is not uncommon for people to do otherwise. You want to live a conventional and comfortable life, without the need to feel worried.

How Adrian felt. He doesn’t want to stick with the investment, he just wants to find a place to save to regularly save for long-term goals without worrying about possible losses.

Do any of my financial friends have the same desire as Adrian? Already know the answer?

Calm down, through the video above, Melvin Mumpuni, one of the financial planners at once founder and my Chief Financial Officer has the solution for us!

According to him, there are several things to consider, including:

  • It is the main purpose to save or average dollar cost?
  • What are the specific long-term financial goals?
  • do you still want Returns big, even if they don’t need to bother your mind?

From these three considerations, Melvin Mumpuni concluded that the most appropriate thing was to invest, not save.

Therefore, in the video embedded above, Melvin Mumpuni provides an explanation of the concept of choosing investment or asset allocation products as a suitable ‘saving place’ for us and Adrian.

For more information, you can watch the video embedded above. Don’t forget to prepare your writing utensils. yea!

No, After watching the video above, what can you take away from this information? ugh, we discussed in the comments column!

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