What happens if you try to access Internet Explorer today?

What Happens If You Try To Access Internet Explorer Today?

Internet Explorer would turn 27 on August 16, 2018. But Microsoft said just over a year ago that the new Microsoft Edge browser would replace it before the old one hits another birthday. Today, June 15th, the company is preparing to pull the latest version of the Internet Explorer application and stop supporting it permanently. This means that it will no longer integrate with new devices or receive security patches or updates. But that doesn’t mean that web pages and platforms that work with this browser won’t be able to keep working. The key is to use Internet Explorer mode in Edge, which will be available until 2029 in some cases and until 2023 in others.

In the computer world, it’s easy to see why the browser is disappearing forever: it’s becoming obsolete. Microsoft says that Edge, released in 2015, is much safer, faster and more modern. The tech company says this tool “can solve a big problem: compatibility with older, legacy websites and apps.” So the sad end of Explorer will not affect users in the real world. Edge’s IE mode lets you accomplish anything its predecessor could. The company says it will be “a natural next step after the release of Windows 11” in 2021.

The company bids farewell to its most famous search engine saying, “We can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve given Internet Explorer over the years.” People and companies around the world have used it to help them learn, grow and build their online businesses. Microsoft Edge takes on this very important job.”

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What happens if you try to access Internet Explorer today?

Whether or not you can do this depends on the version of Windows you have installed and whether or not you are using a personal computer or one that is owned by a company. You can check here to see which OS versions will still work for now.

If the app is no longer available, you can still use Microsoft Edge to browse normally. The same sites and platforms will work in Edge as in Explorer. As it is taken from the upcoming Windows 10 updates (the penultimate version of the system), users will be sent directly to Edge. This change of direction process begins on June 15th. Passwords, bookmarks and other settings can be moved from one browser to another. Even though the Explorer logo is still on the toolbar, Edge will automatically open when the device is at this stage.

After the redirect phase is complete, the app will no longer be available through a Windows update on all eligible devices.

Do I have to uninstall it?

Not. The company warns that Edge’s Internet Explorer mode needs Explorer to work, so removing Explorer would cause Edge’s Internet Explorer mode to stop working.

How do I activate Microsoft Edge’s Internet Explorer mode?

As the company says, you need to type edge:/settings/default browser in the Microsoft Edge address bar and press Enter. Then turn on Allow websites to reload in Internet Explorer. The last step is to restart Edge. To view a website in this mode, go to the website you want to view, click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the browser window, and choose Reload in Internet Explorer mode. If you’re using Microsoft Edge version 92 or earlier, choose More Tools > Reload in Internet Explorer Mode.

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To go back to browsing without Internet Explorer access mode, click Exit in the info bar at the top of the screen, or close the current tab and open a new tab in Edge.

Microsoft tells people to ask tech support for help if they still can’t access a website that works with Explorer.

If you don’t have Edge, where can you download it?

It’s easy to do that here. Choose the type of device you want to install it on and in a few minutes you can use it to browse the web. Even if it’s never been patched before, chances are it was downloaded, so the company suggests you check it out.

What happens to companies that work with Explorer?

“The best thing you can do to prepare for June 15th is to get rid of your organization’s Internet Explorer,” the company said a few weeks ago. Microsoft provides a guideline if the issue is not fixed.

What happens to companies that work with Explorer?

The company suggested a few weeks ago that “the easiest approach to prepare for the June 15 decommissioning is to remove Internet Explorer from your organization” ahead of the date. Microsoft provides a guide to perform the migration if the issue has not been resolved.

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