What happened to Lil Tjay? Rapper was shot and underwent emergency surgery at the hospital | TG time

What Happened To Lil Tjay?  Rapper Was Shot And Underwent Emergency Surgery At The Hospital |  Tg Time

Lil Tijay is currently undergoing a medical procedure after being shot around midnight in New York City.

While the perception about his medical procedure is making fans uneasy, the Rapper’s current situation is very basic, as announced by the LA Times.

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The young Rapper began composing his songs while serving a year in a juvenile state prison after being captured for one of his robberies at the age of 15. Afterwards, he distributed one of his renowned tracks, “Resume”, from that point on.

Lil experienced childhood in New York’s Bronx, raised in what has been described as a “large” condo by a single father and two younger relatives.

The Rapper saw himself as the “dangerous young man” of the three, as he was routinely involved in petty heists and school battles.

What’s going on with Lil Tjay? Rapper was shot today Lil was near death when he was shot around midnight and needed a medical procedure. It’s hard to accept that such a remarkable rapper could be a shooting victim.


Additionally, reports from the LA Times also make sense that the episode included two shootings, one near Chipotle and the other at a gas station.

While the news makes reference to a subsequent victim, there was no extra data accessible when this article was written.

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Thereafter, the Edgewater Police Department and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Serious Crimes Unit gave brief explanations on Wednesday morning that appeared, by all accounts, to deal with a similar occurrence.

Rapper Lil Tjay in hospital undergoing emergency surgery After being shot, rapper Tijay was taken to the clinic and underwent a crisis medical procedure on Wednesday.

The Bronx rapper is currently undergoing a significant medical procedure and there can be no further information regarding his well-being and ongoing injuries.

When new insight into Lil Tjay’s physical problem broke down, individual rappers from his old neighborhood quickly volunteered their karma for a speedy recovery. French Montana said a request.

His general fans and family are praying to God that he recovers immediately.

Rapper Lil Tjay Age and Net Worth – How Rich Is He? The 21-year-old rapper reportedly earned a monstrous abundance of around $1 million, according to Wealthy Gorilla.

Born on April 30, 2001, Rapper started getting a decent amount of his self-composed songs and top-of-the-line tracks from the age of 15.

Furthermore, he has 1.5 million supporters on his YouTube channel. On Soundcloud, he has a sizable fan base with over 160k supporters and 50 million twists.

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Furthermore, two of his famous tracks have 76 million views, his track “Resume” has 19 million views, and a soundtrack called “Hang on” has 14 million views as of April 2020.

A part of your YouTube tracks has many perspectives. Both of his songs, “Brothers” and “FN (Official Video)”, garnered 76 million views.

Rapper Lil also made a lot of money from his YouTube channel.

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