Watch Web Series Layangan Putus Episode 7 (7A & 7B) 2021

Watch Web Series Layangan Putus Episode 7 (7A &Amp; 7B) 2021

Watch Indonesia Web Series Kites Break Episode 7 2021 – Let’s Watch Web Series Kites Break Episode 7 HD MP4 Web Seriesindo. The following is a synopsis, spoilers, download links and links to watch Layangan Putus Web Series online in 770p, 780p, 570p, 720p and 1080p quality.

Indonesia webseries The Disconnected Kites (2021) will enter Episode 7 this week. The download link will be attached at the end of the article.

Kite Players Break Up: Reza Rahadian Putri Marino Anya Geraldine Frederica Alexis Cull Raquel Katie

Kite Breaking Web Series Eps 7 When will it be released?

If there is no change in the broadcast schedule, Indonesian web series Layangan Putus will enter episode 7 in Friday, December 31, 2021 and Saturday, January 1, 2022 on WeTV. Are you curious, don’t you want to watch the continuation of this Web Series story? Let’s read to the end, don’t skip.

Those of you who want to watch this Web Series can officially watch this Web Series at WeTV. You can stream via the website or the WeTV app via Android or IOS.

In addition, this Web Series can also be watched for free on sites such as Web Seriesindo, GilaWeb Series, RatuWeb Series, Web Seriesqu, Web Seriescute, Bioskopkeren, RatuWeb Series, Web Seriesindo, Web Seriescooletc. you are searching for yes.

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LINK Watch Indonesian Web Series Kites Break Episode 7 2021

Synopsis of Layangan Putus Dramas 2021:

Raising the issue of infidelity, the web series “Layangan Disconnect” will tell the story of the home of Aris (Reza Rahardian) and Kinan (Putri Marino). The marriage of this husband and wife initially went smoothly and happily. In fact, both have been blessed with a daughter named Raya and are expecting their second child. However, Aris’ attitude slowly began to change. In addition to being busy with other things outside of the house, Aris is also starting to rarely check in with Kinan and talk about his everyday life at the office.

Because of this, Kinan began to suspect Aris’ movements, this suspicion was further reinforced as his house assistant found a ring in Aris’ suit. Kinan also smelled a strange smell in the coat worn by her husband. This discovery further increased Kinan’s suspicion. He felt that her home was like a broken kite that had no direction. (source:

Web Series Kites Break Up spoiler

Previously on the Indonesian web series Kites Break Episode 6…..

Here are the spoilers for episode 7 of the Web Series Kites End…..(update).


Don’t forget to watch Layangan Putus Web Series Episode 7A on Friday, December 31, 2021 and for the Layangan Putus Web Series Episode 7B on Saturday, January 1, 2022, OK.

Watch Web Series Kites Break Episode 7 Web Seriesindo

The Indonesian Web Series Kites Break will officially appear on the website WeTV every Friday and Saturday. For the streaming link, click on the website WeTV

Watch Web Series Kites Break Episode 7A (WeTv)

Watch Web Series Kites Break Episode 7B (WeTv)

Link to watch other episodes: Eps 1 | Episode 2 | Episode 3 | Episode 4 | Episode 5 | episode 6

Telegram broken kite LINK UPDATE


How: Paste one of the links above and paste it into your browser on your mobile/pc/laptop

You can also stream on the following websites: Web Seriesindo, GilaWeb Series, Ratu Web Series, RatuWeb Series, Web Seriescute, Bioskopkeren, Web Seriesqu, Viu, Web Seriescool, Web Seriesindo, etc.

You can change the streaming quality to save your quota. There are multiple options of 270p, 770p, 720p and 1080p (subscribed members only)

You can watch the Web Series on your mobile phone by installing the WeTV app first. If you have the money, it’s a good idea to sign up to watch this web series without any fuss.

Download Web Series Kites Break Episode 7 HD

If you don’t want to stream, you can download Indonesia Web Series Layangan Putus through the WeTV app, but you must subscribe first.

To download for free you can do a Google search with keywords (just copy and paste the keywords below into the search)

  • Download Pipa Quebrada
  • Disconnected Kites Synopsis
  • broken kite
  • Web Series Broken Kites
  • Broken kites showtimes
  • Kite Break Up Eps 7 WetV
  • Break Up Kites Eps 7 Cinemacool


that’s about it Watch Indonesia Web Series Kites Break Episode 7 2021. You can also click on other streaming links from the Web Series. Follow the articles at I hope this article can help you all.

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