Watch Tokyo Reveners episode 20 Sub Indo free

Watch Tokyo Reveners Episode 20 Sub Indo Free
Watch Tokyo Reveners

Kisaki managed to win the hearts of many Tokyo Manji gang members by performing a cunning rescue action. Will Takemichi, Chifuyu and Baji be able to thwart his plan? Let’s just watch episode 20 of Tokyo Revenges sub Indo and find out what happens next!

In episode 19, in the October 31st battle, although Tokyo Manji has stronger fighters, the number of Valhalla gang members is double the number of Tokyo Manji gang members. This affects the psychic members of Tokyo Manji’s gang and lowers their morale.

Seeing that many members of Tokyo Manji’s gang began to fall, Draken told them that he would protect them. Suddenly, from afar, Takemichi, who was beaten and limping in his path, shouted that he would not lose, ending this battle and eliminating the Valhalla gang.

Hearing Takemichi’s scream, Tokyo Manji’s gang members who had already been mentally challenged immediately stood up and prepared to fight again. The excited Draken seeing his excited limbs quickly ran towards Hanma and beat up anyone who got in his way. He also managed to hit Hanma and push him against the wall with just one blow.

Elsewhere, Mikey who was chasing Kazutora was standing among a pile of wrecked cars. Kazutora had already prepared an opponent for Mikey. The battle of 3 Kapen Valhalla against Mikey begins. Not just 3 on 1, Kazutora also cheated and hit Mikey over the head with an old pipe.

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Mikey, who was covered in blood, immediately stood up and asked Kazutora if he was an enemy of his. Kazutora also said that Mikey was his enemy, and the one who managed to defeat his enemy was a hero.

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Watch Tokyo Reveners
Watch Tokyo Reveners episode 20 Sub Indo free Nonton Tokyo Revengers episode 20 sub indo

Mikey’s anger exploded after hearing Kazutora’s words. He immediately got up and defeated Chome, Chonbo and Kazutora. Mikey, who was exhausted, sat up and began to lose consciousness. This becomes an opportunity for Chouji and the members of his Valhalla division to defeat Mikey. They ran to Mikey.

Seeing all the Tokyo Manji division captains who were busy with their respective fights, Takemichi tried to save Mikey and ran after trying to defeat the Valhalla gang members who were after Mikey. Takemichi alone was overwhelmed by them all.

Suddenly Kisaki came, hit Chouji and along with members of the 3rd division, tried to protect Mikey. Seeing Kisaki’s rescue, the Tokyo Manji gang members cheer for Kisaki for trying to protect Mikey. But Takemichi remembers that Chouji was Kisaki’s previous subordinate and this action is just propaganda.

What will Takemichi do to thwart Kisaki’s propaganda action? Will Takemichi fight Kisaki in front of everyone? Let’s just watch episode 20 of Tokyo Revenges sub Indo and find out what happens next!

Watch Tokyo Reveners

more curious about anime that’s how it is. how is it going to be? Well, here’s a site you can use to watch Tokyo Revenges.


This is good news for lovers anime who can’t wait to watch this anime. You can watch Tokyo Revengers on YouTube for free.

Watch Tokyo Reveners

It’s very easy, just click link the one in the photo or enter via browser you’re copy and paste link which is below the photo. Or you can also go directly to YouTube and type Tokyo Reveners.

Everything is free to stream on the Muse Asia YouTube channel. So you don’t have to worry about looking for it. web site other. In addition, Muse Asia has also created a special channel for Indonesian subtitles.

Of course, the advantage of watching on YouTube is that you can access it just by account you and don’t have to pay anything. Unless you want premium YouTube without the new ads you have to pay for, the rest is free.

The downside is when watching anime you may have to watch some of the ads at channel The. However, it’s not too much trouble.


Kisaki manages to win the hearts of all the Tokyo Manji gang members besides Chifuyu and Takemichi. Will Takemichi be able to save Baji? What do you think of Tokyo Revenges episode 20? Share your opinion in the comments column yes!

For those of you who haven’t watched Tokyo Revengers Indonesia Episode 20 on YouTube, let’s watch this anime right away! Let’s make it more fun, always ready lunch so that the watching experience becomes more fun! Don’t miss episode 21 of Tokyo Revenges Indonesian sub, which airs on YouTube on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

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