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Apple TV+ has been on the road for a year. Dan has launched series like The Morning Show, Ted Lasso, Mythic Quest and Defending Jacob – to name a few.

The Disney+ folks could drop a hint on this. However, at the average bingewatcher view rate, there is no way to stop production.

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So for new content, it’s always good to buy a few series that are here and there. Netflix does this, for example, with Better Call Saul and Fargo.

Amazon Prime managed to break through the competition with This Is Us and 4 Blocks, and Apple TV+ has now knocked Tehran on its head.

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Israeli espionage thriller by Moshe Zonder – formerly the great writer Fauda.

It is therefore the first in a series of ‘outsiders’ and this development once again shows that Apple is doing some serious work with its streaming service.

Israeli spy thriller about a Mossad agent in Iranian territory

Tamar Rabinyan was born in Iran but grew up in Israel. Tamar, being a hacker, knows all about ones and zeros and that doesn’t go unnoticed by the Mossad either.

The Israeli Secret Service – after the necessary training – put him on the payroll as a secret agent. And sent him on a solo mission that only someone with nerves of steel could accomplish.

Deep in the heart of Iran, Tamar must establish a national anti-aircraft arsenal so that Israeli bombers can destroy the nuclear reactor.

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Iran is in the process of developing nuclear weapons and that is where Tamar & co. sewing stick.

Soon the train went off the tracks and Tamar was completely at its mercy. In that case, fine.

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