WA stickers ask for THR funny for Eid 2022

Wa Stickers Ask For Thr Funny For Eid 2022

Frankenstein45.com – Lebaran is coming soon, so no wonder chat app users are hunting WA stickers. Ask for the THR to be sent to other users. So, do you already have it? If you haven’t, try sending this funny WhatsApp Request THR sticker to your boss/friend.

It is clear that the provision of Holiday Allowance (THR) is one of the efforts of employers to meet the needs of workers and their families in the form of cash. Using the WhatsApp application is also one of the most used communication tools. In addition to being simple, WhatsApp has excellent features of a collection of cute stickers with different categories.

WA Sticker Asking for the THR Cat

Sticker I Ask

– https://sticker.ly/s/JAPCJB (by Afifah)

After all, there are already many versions of ask for thr sticker that you can easily download from Sticker.ly app for free without having to make your own. You can download the app from the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store for iOS users.

Not just Sticker.ly, because now there are many names for WhatsApp’s own sticker maker app or you can take it from Telegram which clearly has thousands of types of categories.

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THR Masha Piece Sticker

Sticker Asking For Thr Masha

– https://sticker.ly/s/YAA91M

For those who want an even more interesting collection of stickers, you can also search for them in the user-created Sticker.ly app. To know how to add stickers to WhatsApp app, follow the tutorial below.

  1. Firstly, select the “DOWNLOAD” sticker.
  2. Then you will be taken to the download page and select “Get Stickers”.
  3. Automatically, all stickers will be opened using the Sticker.ly app.
  4. Fifth, select “Add to WhatsApp” and wait for the download process to complete.
  5. If a notification appears. Want to add stickers to WhatsApp?
  6. Please select “YES” only
  7. Done.

Well, that’s how you get a collection of Wa stickers by asking for a funny THR version of Cats and Masha that you can download if you’re really interested. For various other sticker sets on this site, please visit the categories.

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