Voila AI Artist Pro 1.5.5 b182 (MOD, no watermark)

Voila Ai Artist Pro 1.5.5 B182 (Mod, No Watermark)

Frankenstein45.com – Have you ever thought of making a photo collage into a 3D cartoon animation?. Voila AI Artist Pro is a photo manipulation app that turns your face into something that looks like a cartoon. VOILA AI Artist Pro is powered by artificial intelligence AI portrait technology, which is the first product from WEmagine, LLP.

Name This is the AI ​​artist
offered by Wemagine.ai
Version 1.6.1 b204
Size 51 MB
Last update May 12, 2022
Categories Photography
requirements Android 5.0
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What is Voila AI Artist Pro?

Voila AI Artist app or known as Voila is an app to make 3D, 2D, KPOP Toon cartoon pictures of renaissance style paintings. Made with love by 2 teams Wemagine.ai and creative enthusiasts who love to combine human skills with AI technology.

What is AI technology? Artificial intelligence (AI) is an artificial intelligence technology that is able to think like humans and mimic their actions.

In general, in the era of smartphone camera usage, they are now equipped with AI settings such as change settings for saturation, speed, image contrast, color depth.

The 3D cartoon style is what is widely used as in a matter of seconds the Voila AI app will change the style of your selfies like Pixar’s fun 3D cartoon animations.

In fact, now there are also many app names for making cartoon faces that you can find with the help of modern AI. For example, ToonApp: AI CartoonFaceApp, Cut Ying.

Observation: “Before using it to caricature your face, consider the risks to your data.”

Voila Professional Artist

main function of Voila AI Artis Pro is to turn a photo of a face into a work of art of popular cartoon characters and Renaissance-style paintings. With Voila AI Artist You can change every face on the fly, which means any user can edit and take photos instantly.

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In fact, this Canada-based app is becoming very popular in some countries as a 3D cartoon photo editing app in 2021. More than 2.3 million installs are from the United States per agency Sensor Tower.

main feature

  • 3D cartoons: Convert and transfer your photos into 3D cartoon characters.
  • 2D cartoons: Change all kinds of selfies like two-dimensional cartoons with some of the world famous artist names.
  • Rebirth: Allows you to change face photos from the 15th, 18th, and 20th centuries.
  • selfie camera: You can take photos directly from the Voila AI Camera app.
  • celebrities: Browse trending photos of popular artists around the world used for art creation.
  • Karikatur AI: Paint a picture of a smile on your face realistically and without overdoing it.
  • [NEW] kpop show: Become a KPOP superstar cartoon and digital art in 5 seconds!

So share all results with all your Instagram and Facebook fans to get reactions to comments, likes using hashtags #VoilaAiArtist.

Voila Pro No Watermark

Voila effect style editor

After importing your face photo, you will see a selection of Voila, Royalty 3D, Baby 3D Cartoon and Cartoon 3D filter editors. Not just your own photos, because with Voila AI Artist Pro you also provided a selection of photos belonging to some names of artists, singers and world leaders.

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  1. Lisa Black Pink
  2. JISO
  3. PINK
  4. Cristiano Ronaldo
  5. Lionel Messi
  6. Justin bieber
  7. Taylor Swift
  8. NJ 10
  9. SEHUN
  10. Ria Ricis
  11. Selena Gomez
  12. Shawn Mendes
  13. Joko Widodo
  14. And many more
  15. Find out for yourself later

To get the category of photos you want to find, this can also be done by searching it in the search column of the Voila AI Artist MOD app to make it a fun cartoon photo.

Voila For

Save photos without watermark

Generally, all photo or video editing apps usually show a watermark after you save the results in the gallery to share on social media and WhatsApp. Unlike the Pro version of the Voilà app, you will never encounter watermarks and ads.

Now, to know how to save photos in Voila app, you can select the up arrow icon ‘⬆️’ and select save located at the bottom of your phone screen.

  • All Premium Features Unlock
  • No Ads (No Ads)
  • no watermark
  • Unlimited Drawings
Common questions

How to install?

  • Delete/uninstall the app if you previously installed it from the Play Store
  • Download the APK file via the link above
  • Reinstall the app on the device
  • open and run
  • Appreciate

What’s new?

Bug fixes and improved “Cartoon 3D” portrait!.

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Where are my photos stored?

All photos you edited will be saved in gallery or phone memory > Images folder > Voila.

Does Voila need internet access to run it?

Yes sure. You must use an Internet connection to get started.

How do I update?

Just return to this website to update the Voila AI Artist app to the latest version.

What devices are supported?

Android and iOS (iPhone).

Need permission?

When you want to install the app, you will be notified of all required permissions. By using this app, you give Voila permission to access photos, media and files.

Is Voila safe to use?

Voila will not store your photos on the server nor will the photos be used for further enhancement or data collection.

VOILA will delete all your photos after 24-48 hours, but when it comes to your privacy data, the easiest part is never signing up.


This app is owned by the developer Wemagine.Ai. We are not an affiliate partner of Voilà AI Artist – Photo to Cartoon Face Art Editor. All elements related to the application such as images, logos and trademarks, etc., are the property of their respective owners.

If you claim that this article should not be shared with everyone, please contact us on this website’s contact page. As such, we will also continue to comply with applicable regulations to remove this page for you as soon as possible.

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