Vitality secures first semi-final appearance since transferring Astralis at BLAST Spring Finals

Vitality Secures First Semi-Final Appearance Since Transferring Astralis At Blast Spring Finals

team vitality CS:GO The squad, a star-studded mix of French and Danish talent, finally reached the semi-finals of a major tournament after a 2-0 quarter-final win over ENCE today at the BLAST Premier Spring Finals.

Vitality caught fire on his own choice of Overpass, punishing ENCE with an overwhelming T-side in the first half and jumping to a 7-0 lead before ENCE called for a timeout. ENCE only got their first round with an unlikely forced buy, but managed to scrape together a few rounds of CT to close the half behind 9-6. However, Vitality claimed the CT pistol round to increase their lead and prevented another ENCE run thanks to a strong performance from apEX, taking the map to a 16-10.

Nuke kicked off with what appeared to be another strong performance from Vitality, this time on the CT side. Misutaaa fueled the hot start, recording 10 kills in just the first six rounds. But ENCE bounced back in style, making an impressive run on the T-side, taking advantage of Vitality’s poor defensive positioning. Despite trailing 5-1 at one point, ENCE ended the first half with a 9-6 lead. ENCE grabbed the second half pistol to extend their lead, but Vitality showed signs of recovery on their own T-side and rebounded to tie the map at 11-11. Even as ENCE took a 15-11 lead, Vitality bounced back again with four straights to force overtime.

Vitality took an early 2-1 lead in overtime, reaching match point in the final round of the OT’s first period. And then they secured a series win with a brutal crossfire setup on site A.

Vitality’s roster, featuring superstar ZywOo and the multiple winners of Major Magisk and dupreeh, has underperformed since forming in early 2022. They recorded a losing record in the ESL Pro League and failed to reach the PGL Antwerp playoffs. Major. But now, they’ve secured the best placement since their formation and could go further with a semi-final win over G2.

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