Virtex WA Lag Ferocious Copy Paste Latest Termux Virus 2022

Virtex Wa Lag Ferocious Copy Paste Latest Termux Virus 2022

Lately there have been many WhatsApp users who are bothered because they receive messages in the form of viruses created by Virtex WA users.

With the arrival of messages in the form of this virus, the WhatsApp application that is being opened by the victim suddenly freezes or cannot be moved.

Well, cases like this are caused by Virtex WA makers who are very irresponsible so our normal WhatsApp will be harmed because of Virtex WA.

While not all apps are affected, it is certain that when you play online games like Mobile Legends, your network will not be stable.

Virtek WA also works almost in the same way as other virus sending apps, for example Virkon app which can make wrong mobile contacts or even disappear.

To know more details about this virus, see the explanation that Mudikbumn provided below about Virtex WA.

What is Virtex WA?

Salin Virtex Wa

Virtex WA is an extension of WhatsApp text virus which can be concluded that this Virtex can cause errors in WhatsApp application.

The text collection contains various types of unique characters or symbols with a very large number so that many victims are misled by the text content.

However, the occurrence of an error in the victim’s WhatsApp application will not last long, or it can be said that this text is just a mild virus.

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Actually, virtex has 3 types including minor disorders, moderate disorders and malignant disorders that can make your WhatsApp not working completely.

As stated above, this virus does not spread by itself, but this virus is created by someone sending a text in the form of a message.

Since what is sent is just a text message, it is clear that victims will not realize that the message content is a virus that can be fatal.

Well, if any of you have been a victim and want to do something like this to other people, you can create this virus using Virtek WA.

How to make Virtex WA Lag fierce

How To Make Virtex Wa Lag Vicious

Actually, to make Virtex WA this can be done in two ways, that is, through the Termux application or manually.

If you want to use Termux, of course you need to learn the Termux application first, because that application will only run if you find a command script in it.

For those who want to use the manual method, you should start by looking for the overloaded font first and then make as many copies as possible.

Or maybe some of you want to make Virtex WA vicious, you can use or combine these two methods simultaneously.

So that you can make Virtex WA correctly, see the explanation and tutorial below.

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Make Virtex WA with Termux

Virtex Wa Using Termux

Before getting into the Virtex build process, please download the Termux app first from the Play Store and install the app right away.

The next step, install Virtex WA script and immediately do the manufacturing process. After that, you enter some commands in the termux application that you have previously successfully installed.

You can see an example of this command below:

  1. First open the termux application.
  2. Then enter the following code ->
  3. Install virtex using the git clone script address command.
  4. Now, instead of the installed folder, type the command cd VIRTEX.
  5. Then operate the Virtex WA script by typing the command sh
  6. Then determine what type of Virtex WA you want to make by clicking on the appropriate number in the menu.
  7. If the virus ends, press ctrl + z keys to stop creating the script.
  8. Then type the IS command and immediately paste the previously created virtex to the internal storage by typing the command cp -f namavirtexwa/sd card.

Creating Virtex WA Manually

Virtex Wa Ganas Terbaru

Here is how to create Virtex manually:

  1. The first step, download notepad app or some kind of memo from play store.
  2. The second step, look for the overloaded fonts available in Notepad.
  3. Duplicate the font as much as possible.
  4. To make the duplication process faster, you can use a text repeater app as you only need to copy the font, then paste it into WhatsApp app as much as possible.
  5. The next step is to press the “Save” button.
  6. Done.
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the final word

Alright friends, this was a brief discussion about Virtex WA, I hope the app discussed this time can be useful to you all.

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If any of you are interested in making Virtex like this, you can follow the methods we provided above. Thanks.

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