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As for the alternative links you can use, the admin provided them at the end of the thread Dua Lipa Viral Video Youtube, Tiktok, Instagram &Amp; Facebook 2022 Recently, social media has been rocked by Dua Lipa’s Viral Video which has become a source of blasphemy on the part of netizens.

The video that went viral was a video while Dua performed the song One Kiss live in 2017. At that moment, singer Levitating appeared to move one of his legs forward. This is what netizens call “Without intention”, “lazy” and “weird”.

The internet user’s blasphemy ended up impacting Dua. He revealed this fact in his interview with Npr. Meanwhile, he talked about starting his career in global music at the age of 15. Then he was asked if he used to have doubts about himself.

Viral video of Dua Lipa on Twitter

Dua Lipa Sued Again For Alleged Levitating Music Plagiarism - Engteco_Life_Style

“Social media really has an impact. People took a cut of the video and judged my total performance and my total self as an artist.”

“I think at that point there were times when I doubted myself, even though it wasn’t fair. Because a lot of it comes from people spreading the message that it doesn’t match my performances,” he continued.

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“Social media trading is toxic because it makes others laugh at the expense of others,’” Dua said.

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However, now Dua understands that social media cannot be controlled and she decides to put limits on herself. This singer has decided not to use Twitter anymore, the social media that caused the old video to go viral again.

“I have to stop using Twitter because it will support my mental freshness and make me more focused on the things I need,” Dua continued.

Even though this dance move was once blasphemed, now Dua actually uses it in her performances. It’s a bit poking fun at the haters who used to brag about their moves~

Also, last April, word got out that Dua would be collaborating with Katy Perry. Last April, Dua announced the 2022 Grammy winners with collaborator Megan Thee Stallion. So, let’s wait for the updates that will finally come from Dua Lipa!


Maybe that’s all I can say about the viral video currently circulating on the internet. I hope this kind of protection can help those who have trouble tracking viral videos.

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