Viral issues about tickets to Borobudur temple, Rp 750 thousand

Viral Issues About Tickets To Borobudur Temple, Rp 750 Thousand– Viral questions about tickets to Borobudur Temple So Rp 750K. Tickets for local tourists to Borobudur cost IDR 750,000.

The rising price of temple tickets is in the spotlight. The following is a complete list of tickets for Borobudur tours. As is known, Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said that his party has agreed to limit the quota of tourists who want to visit Borobudur Temple to 1,200 per day, at the expense of foreign tourists of US$100 and Rp. 750.

Thousands of local tourists. Luhut said the price increase was to preserve the archipelago’s historical and cultural wealth.

“We also agreed and plan to limit the number of tourists who wish to visit the Borobudur Temple to 1,200 per day, at a cost of US$100 for foreign tourists and Rp. 750,000 for domestic tourists.

Especially for students, we only charge a fee. “Rp 5,000,” Luhut said via his personal Instagram account, Sunday (May 6, 2022).

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“We are taking this step fully to preserve the archipelago’s rich history and culture,” he continued. Luhut explained, all tourists visiting Borobudur Temple will have to use a guide from the locals.

Luhut said this was done to create new jobs for residents of the Borobudur area.

“All tourists are also required to use a tourist guide for local residents of the Borobudur area. We do this to attract new jobs while at the same time fostering a sense of belonging to the area, which creates a responsibility to maintain and care for one of the archipelago’s historic sites. , the future may continue to develop.

Viral Issues About Tickets To Borobudur Temple, Rp 750 Thousand
Viral issues about tickets to Borobudur temple, Rp 750 thousand

The hearts of the future young generation,” said Luhut. Luhut said the Borobudur area is not only a top priority tourist destination, but also a premium tourist destination.

His party agreed to develop the concept of the Borobudur Temple as an international cultural heritage site.

“Connection in Javanese, which means mutual cooperation, is a principle that we developed together in the concept of the Borobudur Temple as a world-class cultural heritage preservation laboratory,” he said.

“During my visit this morning, I re-emphasized the synergy between conservation and tourism through the ‘single authority’ mechanism, making Borobudur not only one of the five super-priority tourist destinations, but also a quality tourist destination,” he added.

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Summarized from the Borobudur Park page, Sunday (05/06/2022), there are two types of Borobudur Temple tickets. First, the usual adult ticket is only 50,000 rupees while the Borobudur and Rakshasa package ticket is 65,000 rupees for an adult. For children, the ticket price is IDR 25,000.

As for foreign tourists, the entrance to Borobudur Temple is above Rp. 200,000. Here is the complete list.

local travelers

Borobudur adult ticket: IDR 50 thousand
Adult Wisnus Borobudur & Samudera Raksa Package Ticket: IDR 65K
Borobudur child ticket: IDR 25 thousand

Foreign tourists

Borobudur adult ticket: USD 25 (Rp 350 thousand)
Borobudur Child Ticket: USD 13 (Rp 210 thousand)

Yang Yaik Naik Kuil Ticket

Edy Setijono, President Director of Borobudur Temple Tourism Park, Prambanan, and Ratu Boko (Persero), explained that the ticket for local tourists to climb Borobudur Temple is IDR 750,000 per person.

As for local tourists, admission to the temple area still costs IDR 50,000 per person. “Meanwhile, temple tickets. Regular tickets remain the same, foreign tourists cost 50,000 rupees and foreign tourists 25,000 rupees.

Only this ticket is valid only up to the temple grounds”, said Edy as quoted by Antara, Sunday (5/5). 5). /6/2022). Edy said the fee to go up the temple building is IDR 750,000 for local tourists and IDR 100,000 for foreign tourists, which is determined through a coordination meeting. The meeting also involved the central government.

He explained that the determination of the fare is due to a system of daily quotas for people authorized to go to Borobudur.

The government has set a quota to climb to the top of the temple, which is only 1,200 people a day. The quota is set to preserve the construction or preservation of the Borobudur temple in order to preserve the historical and cultural wealth of the archipelago. Edy revealed that the Borobudur temple building began to decline and erode, which was thought to be due to over-tourism.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the average number of tourists visiting the Borobudur Temple complex was around 10,000 a day.

During the pandemic, the manager closed access to the Borobudur Temple, so that visitors could only stay in the courtyard or on the temple grounds.

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