Viral Abang grabs Gendong Anak, Anzalna wants to help baby clothes

Viral Abang Grabs Gendong Anak, Anzalna Wants To Help Baby Clothes

The rising cost of living puts pressure on several parties, especially parents. They need to earn a living to support their families and persevere in the face of life’s trials.

Brother Grab goes viral carrying a child


Let us pray that Amirul assumes responsibility with total dedication


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Recently, a Grab food delivery guy named Amirul Jinjang went viral through a TikTok video shared by government official Khairul Fazli on his @abamskhai account. In the video, Khairul shared about the plight of Amirul who had to carry his young son while delivering food while his other two children went to school or were cared for by their mother. Netizens are sad to see the situation and many want to help.

Anzalna seemed to want to help

Viral Abang Grabs Gendong Anak, Anzalna Wants To Help Baby Clothes
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The video caught the attention of popular actress Anzalna Nasir. Anzalna thanked popular independent preacher Ustaz Ebit Lew for gifting Amirul with a new motorcycle via his Instagram tweet. Anzalna also expressed a desire to provide assistance in the form of donating baby clothes for Amirul’s children.

Certainly life is not an easy process, as you have to face many obstacles and challenges. To ease the burden on some less fortunate parties, we need to extend help and assistance to one another.

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