“Very relatable!” – Men who feel ‘angry’ always get ‘hit’ with Perodua Kancil

“Very Relatable!”  – Men Who Feel ‘Angry’ Always Get ‘Hit’ With Perodua Kancil

Car drivers in Malaysia must be very familiar with the iconic local car, the Perodua Kancil, right?

The car hatchback This local brand of Perodua was launched in 1994 to 2005 and is still widely used to this day, this Perodua Kancil is also known for its small size and high durability.

Even so, the deck, due to its small size, often leaves many people ‘fooled’ mainly in the parking lot or parking.

Much like this man’s expression on his LinkedIn page, he expressed his ‘anger’ towards the country’s automotive icon while looking for parking in shopping malls.


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“I think (Perodua Kancil) is just designed to do psychological torture!!

So many times after driving around a mall parking lot (like One Main or Mid Valley) for 15-20 minutes looking for a parking spot and when I came across an empty spot I was so happy!

As I approached the parking lot, suddenly there was a Perodua Kancil that was hidden and already hard to see. parking there! Ahhh!” He wrote.

The average netizen shared a similar experience with the individual and some even said that Perodua Kancil has a ‘sister’ i.e. Perodua Kelisa and Perodua Axia!


A lot of people must have been hit too, right?

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