Variety of nutmeg health benefits

Variety Of Nutmeg Health Benefits – Variety of nutmeg health benefits. This time we will provide you with information or a discussion about the properties contained in nutmeg that you need to know and understand.

For those of you who want to know a detailed explanation. It is good that you continue to listen to the discussion we will provide below.

The benefits of nutmeg are many people who do not know about it. This is because nutmeg is known only as a seasoning and flavoring in foods.

Nutmeg is a type of spice that exists in Indonesia and these spices only use the seeds of nutmeg. For meat, many people just ignore it.

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It can be said that this fruit is one of the quite rare fruits. Because these nutmeg plants and plants cannot be found all over Indonesia.

Only a few areas are known as nutmeg producing areas. However, nutmeg is an easy spice to find, but nutmeg is a rather rare fruit and nutmeg uses.

Content found in nutmeg

Variety Of Nutmeg Health Benefits
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Several processed products from this fruit are now easy to find. As many people know the health benefits, here are the contents found in nutmeg.

  • Energy 42 kkal
  • chemical compost
  • fat 0.2 grams
  • protein 0.3 gram
  • Carbs 10.9 grams
  • Zat Samac
  • Essential oil
  • saponin
  • Zat part
  • scolopetine
  • eliminate
  • Elispitin
  • It’s hard to pass
  • limonene
  • Pectin
  • oleanolic acid
  • 2 milligrams of iron
  • sugar too
  • Vitamin C 22 milligrams
  • Vitamin B1 1 milligram
  • Vitamin A 32 milligrams

The full content can make nutmeg have a variety of health benefits. Here are a variety of benefits that can be gained from nutmeg.

  • get rid of colds

Colds can be eliminated by consuming healthy nutmeg-based drinks. To get rid of colds, you can also drink boiled nutmeg water.

Likewise, the benefits of ginger. Nutmeg can also warm the body and a bloated stomach due to colds because the essential oils found in nutmeg and ginger are the same.

Nutmeg can also help you increase your appetite. Suitable for use in young children who have difficulty eating, the lipase enzyme contained in nutmeg is helpful in increasing appetite.

Lipase is an enzyme found in a person’s mouth and tongue. With the help of lipase enzymes, digested foods will be easy to puree and easily digested by the body, so it is not surprising that consuming nutmeg drinks can facilitate digestion.

Antiemetic properties found in nutmeg. It is also effective in relieving pain during menstruation or pain when rheumatism recurs.

Antiemetic found in nutmeg. The antiemetic properties are helpful in relieving nausea and vomiting, perfect for people who get drunk easily while driving.

Gastric acid is often characterized by a burning sensation and also nausea in the stomach. This is because nutmeg contains saponins which are helpful in reducing stomach acid in the body.

  • Eliminate the hoarse voice

This fruit is also able to eliminate hoarseness. The essential oil contained in nutmeg can overcome hoarseness.

The hoarse voice creates an uncomfortable impression in the throat and also for people who hear our voices when we are speaking.

Nutmeg can also nourish the brain. The myristin content in nutmeg is helpful in reducing the degradation of neural pathways and cognitive decline in the brain.

In patients with or co-existing with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and senile dementia, the degradation of neural pathways and cognitive decline in the brain may be reduced or the effect may be delayed.

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