Updates! Today’s Video Snack Invitation Code That Makes Money

Updates!  Today’s Video Snack Invitation Code That Makes Money

Snack Video is an app that contains a variety of cool and unique short video content. By using this app, you can watch videos according to what you like. Plus, apparently you can also use a video snack invite code, you know.

This app is quite attractive to many people as in addition to being a means of entertainment, you can also earn money just by watching videos and also inviting friends to use this app together.

Money sharing apps are currently a new trend that many people talk about. This is because the app is more widely used by people across the world.

There are several ways to make money from Snack Video. You can enter the Snack Video invite code and also share the referral code in the Snack Video app.

So if you are looking for the latest Snack Video invite code today that can earn you money, here we will try to share it with you so that you can get bonus prizes. Please see the explanation below.

How to make money with video snacks invite codes

Video Snack Invite Code

There are several ways that you can use to raise money in the Video Snack app. One of them is to enter the invite code in Video Snack. But this invite code is valid if you are a new user.

An invitation code or commonly called a reference is a series of numbers that are in our account. Each user has a different invite code. Your advantage is when you can invite people to use this invite code.

In addition, you can also add coins by getting bonuses from other people. The more people you later invite to use your code, the more benefits you can get.

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The function of this invite code can also be a gift that you will receive later. By using this invite code, you can get a prize in the form of coins.

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Newest Today Video Snack Invitation Code 2022

Video Snack Invite Code

If you are looking for the latest Snack Video invite code today, you can use referral code 830 457 143 for new users which is still valid.

You can enter fields in the Video Snack app to receive rewards as a new user.

By entering this referral code, you will help your friends earn coins on Snack Video and you can also get additional money directly from the Snack Video app very easily.

Video snack invite code that makes money

Video Snack Invite Code That Has A Lot Of Money

Snack Video invite code that costs a lot of money that you can use again is 352745606. With this invite code, you will also receive bonus coins in the Snack Video app.

Once you are a new account, you will need to complete the contents of the referral code linking because you will only have 72 hours while the mission is running.

If you exceed the specified time, you will not receive cash bonus when watching Snack Video videos.

By entering the invite code we wrote above, which is still valid, you will receive bonus cash and coins when you watch videos on the homepage.

How to enter video snack invite code

Video Snack Invite Code

You can try the following method to enter Snack Video invite code, the method is as follows.

  1. First, open the Snack Video app and make sure you have created a new Snack Video account on a new phone.
  2. Then you open the Snack Video app.
  3. Click the Profile menu and press the profile picture in the lower right corner of the Snack Video app screen.
  4. Click on the gold coin image on the profile page and click on the gold coin image to go to the snack video event page.
  5. Enter this invitation code 352 745 606 or 830 457 143 in the column provided and click the “Confirm” button.
  6. Wait for your coin prize to arrive and all you have to do is click on the confirmation button.
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Easy ways to make money from video snacks

Video Snack Invite Code Not Showing

The ways you can make money from the Snack Video app are as follows.

  1. First, log in to your Snack Video account.
  2. You will then get a pop-up menu to earn money by inviting friends. Please click on preview.
  3. Invite your friends using WhatsApp and other social media apps.
  4. Later, if your friends use your referral code, you will get up to 80K if your friends download and do the quest correctly.
  5. The more people you invite, the more opportunities to earn even more money.

How to withdraw money from video snacks

Video Snack Invite Code

Like other money making apps, when you want to make a withdrawal in this app, it’s very easy. Please follow some of the steps that we will explain below.

Here’s how to withdraw money in the Snack Video app:

  1. First, click on the “withdraw cash” below the amount of money you have in the Snack Video app.
  2. Then you select the nominal amount you want to withdraw. You can withdraw it through the Gopay app, OVO app, DANA and others. Denominations that can be withdrawn are 15,000 rupees, 20,000 rupees, 50,000 rupees, up to 250,000 rupees
  3. If yes, now just click on “Confirmation” then “Withdraw money“. Later, the money will immediately go to the Gopay, OVO or DANA accounts. You just need to check whether or not the money has entered through the Gopay, OVO or DANA apps.
  4. You can withdraw money from Snack Video with a transaction limit or a maximum limit of 250,000 rupees per day.
  5. When the money from the Snack Video app entered through Gopay, now in the Gojek app you can transfer it to the bank.
  6. If you did the steps above, now just wait for the money to enter your account.
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Very easy to use isn’t it, what are you waiting for, hurry up, use Snack Video code and earn money for free through this app.

the final word

That was our discussion about the Snack Video invite code. We hope that the review we broadcast this time can be useful to you, loyal visitors to the barajayainternasional.co.id website.

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Sorry if there are errors when writing the above article. We hope you can make money with the Snack Video app and see you in our next article.

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