Understanding Web Programmers – Basic Website Components and Duties

Understanding Web Programmers – Basic Website Components And Duties

Understanding the web programmer – An information technology that is performed by a programmer who will carry out a programming and coding process on the website.

On the web, you will make a series of code and script like a web page to not get bored and look so interesting. So what is the Web? And what are the types and examples? Further revisions will be discussed briefly and clearly below as follows.

What is the Web?

Understanding websites it is a document in the form of a collection of web pages that will be linked together and whose content consists of various information in the form of sound, text, video, images and others. With all data stored with the hosting server.


To open the site, the user must have a device (smartphone and computer) that is connected to the internet or intranet. Websites or web pages and usually in the form of an HTML document (Hypertext markup language) which can be accessed via HTTPS or HTTP.

That is, a log that will transmit various information from the website server that is viewed by the user or the user through a web browser.


Web Developer

Understanding the web programmer is a term that refers or may relate to the work of someone whose job is to write code in a programming language.


In particular, which may be related to the development of websites or Internet applications that are web-based. In web programmers, this is often referred to as an encoder.

Also, a web programmer is a person whose role is to connect all the resources used in the application and websites. These features include database calls, interacting with web page elements, creating web pages, and much more.

Duties of a web programmer

The web programmer is the person who will be responsible for programming and coding the website so that it looks more dynamic and makes it easier for a web administrator to view the web.

If there is a website that will be created it has a site-visitor interaction feature, such as including transactions, databases, output and input data, and web programmers create an application that works on the website (Web).

Basic website components

On a website, it has several components and their explanations, including:

1. Title

Title is a title or name on a web page. Namely located with a browser’s title bar.

2. The domain name

A domain name is an alias for a website. In fact, the actual name of each website is in a very unique random IP address. The domain name is leased by the domain registrar annually.

Domains can be used so that users can easily remember names on websites. Sometimes domain names represent your own name, product, brand and company. An example of a domain name is www.faisalakbar.net. is a blog domain name.

3. UR address

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. If on the website it can be compared to a house, this URL is something in the complete address of the house.

Namely located in the browser address bar. Each website has a different and unique URL. The URL format is very different. Everything always starts with the domain name of the website or blog.

4. Link or Link

If you can compare that a website is a house, then that link is a gateway or door that can lead to another page, be it a website or a page on another web.

5. Header

The header is the top of a website. It usually contains a logo, name and description within the site. Headers can be used to display the main identity on the site.

6. Content or Content

Content or content is a website that can be in the form of an article and information that is usually in between. The articles read are also part of the content.

Content is an important part of a website or blog. The content of a blog’s main page usually consists of a list of posts to be displayed.

7. Sidebar

The sidebar is a left and right side of a website and has a location on the content page. The sidebar usually contains additional information and site navigation. The sidebar is filled with widgets.

For example, this blog has two sidebars, a left sidebar, which contains category widgets, and a right sidebar, which contains a widget on a social media and a popular post.

In a web programmer it is the job of someone whose job is to write code in a programming language.

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Hence the discussion this time that we can convey briefly and clearly about the Definition of a Web Programmer. I hope this article, can be helpful and can be helpful to all of you.

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