Understanding according to experts, features

Understanding According To Experts, Features

Understanding According To Experts, FeaturesWelcome to Lecturer.co.id, a digital web for sharing knowledge. This time, Mr. Speaker will discuss the Characteristics of Entrepreneurs? Perhaps you’ve heard the word Entrepreneurial Characteristics? Here Pak Speaker discusses in detail the understanding, history, understanding according to experts, characteristics, nature, abilities, roles, myths, factors, behavior, capital, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Read the following explanation precisely, don’t miss it.

Derived from the term entrepreneur meaning a person who buys goods using a fixed price, even though that person does not know how much the goods will sell for. Entrepreneurs are often considered entrepreneurs who are the characteristics of courage, virtue, and exemplary risk-taking that come from their own abilities. However, entrepreneurship and self-employment actually have different meanings. Entrepreneurs do not have a business development vision, while entrepreneurs can continue to grow and experience other businesses. Another term meaning entrepreneurship is self-employed. The term entrepreneur is used more often and is better known than entrepreneur. In fact, both have the same meaning and are equivalent according to the term entrepreneur. The word entrepreneur comes from the Sanskrit word entrepreneur. Wira means principal, valiant, noble, valiant, exemplary or warrior; swa means alone or independent; sta means to stand; Private means standing on your own feet, or in other words, with your own ability.

While entrepreneur literally means, wira means courage and business means effort or using other terms entrepreneurship is the ability or courage that a person possesses to see and evaluate business opportunities, gather the necessary resources to perform perfect actions and earn profits to achieve success. Based on these meanings, the term entrepreneur or entrepreneur means a bold, noble, courageous warrior and worthy of being an example in the business field. In other words, entrepreneurs are people who have entrepreneurial or entrepreneurial characteristics. He had the courage to risk it. He also has excellence, creativity and exemplary conduct in a business or company. Your courage is based on your own ability or independence. Another understanding reveals that entrepreneurship is the process of forming something else using time and activities accompanied by capital and risk and receiving immediate rewards, satisfaction and freedom.

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Entrepreneurship has different meanings among experts or reference sources due to different emphasis and emphasis. Richard Cantillon (1775), for example, defines entrepreneurship as self-employment. An entrepreneur buys goods today at a certain price and sells them in the future at an indefinite price. So this definition of entrepreneurship is more emphasis on how a person deals with risk or uncertainty. In contrast to other experts, from Penrose (1963) entrepreneurial activity includes the identification of opportunities in the economic system, while according to Harvey Leibenstein (1968, 1979) entrepreneurship includes activities necessary to build or run a company when all markets are not available. have been formed or not clearly formed, or the components of their production function are not fully known and, according to Peter Drucker, entrepreneurship is the ability to create something new and different.

According to Dan Steinhoff & John F. Burgess (1993: 35) entrepreneur is the person who organizes, manages and is willing to take risks to build new businesses and business opportunities. In essence, the notion of entrepreneurship is a person’s mental attitude, vision, insight and mindset and pattern of action towards tasks that are his responsibility and always customer-oriented. Or it can also be interpreted as all actions based on someone who can value his duties and responsibilities. Entrepreneurship is a mental attitude and mental nature that is always active in trying to advance your service work in an effort to increase income in your business activities. In addition, entrepreneurship is a creative and innovative skill that is used as a foundation, tips and resources to find opportunities for success. The essence of entrepreneurship is the ability to create something new and different (create new and different) through creative thinking and innovative action to create opportunities to meet life’s challenges. In essence, entrepreneurship is the nature, traits and character of a person who has the will to bring innovative ideas to the real world in creative ways.

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Entrepreneurship has been known historically since it was introduced by Richard Castillon in 1755. Abroad, the word entrepreneurship has been known since the 16th century, while in Indonesia it was only known at the end of the 20th century. Some business terms, for example in the Netherlands are known as ondernemer, in Germany it is known as unternehmer. . Entrepreneurship education was started in the 1950s in several countries such as Europe, America and Canada. Even since the 1970s, many universities have taught entrepreneurship or small business management. In the 1980s, about 500 schools in the United States offered entrepreneurship education. In Indonesia, learning entrepreneurship is limited to just a few schools or colleges. In line with developments and challenges such as the economic crisis, understanding of entrepreneurship through formal education and training at all levels of the entrepreneurial community is growing.

The following are opinions according to Bygrave on the characteristics of entrepreneurship, which are as follows: 1. Dream

An entrepreneur has needs regarding his unique future and his business, and he has the skills to realize his dreams. Decision

An entrepreneur is a person who does not work slowly. They create the output carefully but with a lot of detail. Speed ​​and accuracy in decision making are one of the mysteries of business success. Achievers

An entrepreneur will directly reach the action decisions he wants to achieve. They perform activities as quickly as possible. An entrepreneur doesn’t want to put off a beautiful business opportunity.4. Determination

A businessman carries out his activities with great care and high obligations and does not want to raise his hand even if the course is in obstacles or interruptions in doing business. Dedication

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An entrepreneur who is dedicated to his business, sometimes devoting himself to the needs of his family for a while.6. Devotion

A business owner will love the business and the products he receives. This condition is what motivates success in marketing the products they receive.7. Details

Entrepreneurs really highlight important aspects in detail. They don’t want to give up the mini-aspects that can get in the way of their business activities.8. Destiny

A businessman is obliged about his fortune and goals to be achieved. He becomes someone who is autonomous and does not want to depend on others.9. dollars

A businessman is not concerned with wealth. Passion is not just a money dilemma. Money is compared to a measure of success in business. He is of the opinion that if he is achieved in business, he deserves to earn profits, commissions or grants. To distribute

Entrepreneurial Attitude delivers ownership of your business to the right hand, that is, people who are receptive and willing to be encouraged to succeed in the business sector.

From the above conclusions, we can describe the entrepreneurial characteristics that must be possessed by an entrepreneur, which are as follows: Noble character, hard work and obedience, independent and efficient, high performance and high mind, positive thinking and obligation, can Control emotions Not breaking promises Learning according to skills Anticipating risks Expecting the needs of others Collaborating with others Getting things for others Getting motivation for others Finding a solution to every problem Thinking of something before acting Have a reliable nature Creative & innovative Dare to take all the risks that are Entrepreneurial Traits

Following are some of the characteristics of an entrepreneur, namely: Confidence Task and results oriented Risk taker Leadership Originality Future oriented Honest and diligentUnderstanding According To Experts, FeaturesUnderstanding According To Experts, Features

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