Undead Slayer Extreme 1.3.5 MOD MENU

Undead Slayer Extreme 1.3.5 Mod Menu

Undead and Slayer takes you back to the Middle Ages to read the history of assassins and the dead. You will find medieval legends, ninjas fighting for real, swordsman with special sword skills. Slayer and samurai fight, kung fu and kill the undead. With swords, swordsmen kill human undead easily with a sharp sword and iron blade, and the soul is free!

Undead Slayer Extreme is a Fighting Action RPG game that brings you a new wrestling style experience, you play as a samurai warrior from shadow legends to infiltrate enemy territory, attack and slash enemies with blood katana to get make a legend stronger.
This is a samurai fighting game where medieval legend arise, improve your skills and fight like an endless legend ninja warrior to free your kingdom lands and invade shadow realms.
Became the hero who fights the way of the samurai to save your kingdom and invade the fields of your enemies, and relive the dark legends of the samurai, you have to make hard choices between sin and redemption, between survival and destruction in the endless legend’s journey.
Great cutscenes, cool combos and great special abilities all in Undead and Slayer, the most immersive and immersive fighting game! Multiple levels in each game mode to challenge and lots of props to help you achieve your honor!
Slayers and ninjas use Bloody Blades and Prince of Swords with Darkness, Fight for Freedom and Soul. The undead will die, the assassin will be the winner and you will be the best player and known as the strongest assassin of all time. The sword battle is yours, you are a warrior!

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Game history:
Your task is to fight these evil kings to free the kingdom and glory from the thrones, you will be accompanied by a professional sword master who will help you understand your new skills and guide you in the rpg battle.
The war of injustice with the murderous kings has begun and so the fate of the kingdom is thrown into your hands.
Make use of your heroes’ weapons and abilities to lead you to victory and take down the strongest bosses.
Fight and conquer powerful hordes of enemies unleashing your hero’s unique abilities!

Game features:
– Shadow silhouette art style.
– Upgrade your character’s skills.
– Excellent story
– Real 3D scenes!
– the undead
– Buy weapons like katana sword, blowgun, shuriken, kunai knife and more.
– Fascinating storyline and role-playing experience.
– 3D medieval shadow fight rpg environment.
– Cool special skills!
– slayer fight
– Street fight
– undead kung fu

How to play :
– You can upgrade your hero, upgrade skills and store items in your inventory.
– Tap the screen to move your character.
– The character will automatically attack enemies
– Samurai masters can help you develop your skills and abilities.
– Collect and upgrade various equipment, ninja costume, samurai armor, japanese katana.

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UNLIMITED GOLD (Play to win)


DOWNLOAD: Undead Slayer Extreme 1.3.5 (APK) MOD


DOWNLOAD: Undead Slayer Extreme 1.3.5 (APK) MOD

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