UGC allows students to take two full-time undergraduate courses simultaneously BHU POST

Ugc Allows Students To Take Two Full-Time Undergraduate Courses Simultaneously Bhu Post

Ugc Allows Students To Take Two Full-Time Undergraduate Courses Simultaneously Bhu Post

UGC has announced guidelines for students to earn two degrees simultaneously in physical, online, or blended modes, per the NEP, to give students more flexibility and personalization in college.

In a virtual media meeting, UGC President M Jagadesh Kumar unveiled UGC’s latest plan to allow students to pursue two concurrent academic programs, including full-time undergraduate degrees.

He said that in line with the National Education Policy (NEP), the latest step is aimed at offering faculty flexibility and customization while still enabling multidisciplinary education in multiple domains for students.

With this decision, students will certainly have the ability to get two UG or PG diplomas/diplomas from each other in physical + physical mode or physical + online mode or online + online mode.

Kumar also noted that India’s top universities have been given the option to offer degree courses online, the new standards for the same will be alerted in two weeks.

The official list of UGC guidelines for obtaining synchronized 2 grades or school programs is expected to be uploaded to the UGC website tomorrow. The new step will be the application from the 2022-23 school year.


The UGC President said that the adaptability of allowing students to earn 2 degrees at the same time through different combinations of modes will help students to educate themselves the way they want, based on what HEIs make a decision

Kumar said that this was a time when open, distance and online modes of education and learning were growing and also being rapidly adopted by various universities across India.

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He said NEP wants to help with multiple education and learning paths that consist of a combination of offline and online modes that gives students the freedom to build multiple skills.


Some of the highlights of the new UGC guidelines on running two courses at the same time, as reviewed at the digital meeting, are:

1. Students may attend 2 permanent academic programs in the physical modality as long as the class schedules do not overlap. For example. A student can take BA courses in the early morning and BCom courses in the evening.

2. Students will be able to obtain two UG or PG diplomas/diplomas from each other in physical + physical mode or physical + online mode or online + online mode.

3. Both programs can be taken at the same faculty or at multiple faculties

4. Students will be able to pursue multidisciplinary programs. For example. BA History with BSc Mathematics, BCom Honors with Diploma in Data Science and so on

5. The degrees and also the diplomas that students will obtain with the faculty in the two-degree format will certainly be regulated by the UGC as well as by Organs statutory bodies of higher education.


Some of the other elements that border the UGC’s most recent decision are outlined below, based on the words of UGC President M Jagadesh Sharma:

1. If a student is attending 2 programs in the physical modality, the participation required for each of them will certainly be decided by the respective universities.

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2. Students must meet the admissions requirements for each degree program independently, as if they were following in a specific way.

3. Based on the modified online program guidelines, any student may enter online school programs after completing Class 12.

4. Students can follow both programs from several years. For example. A student can start a BA degree in History in 2022 as well as start a Data Science degree in 2023 by being a second-year History student.

5. Numerous access and license alternatives as introduced by the NEP will certainly apply to all degrees, whether single or double, online or offline, diploma or diploma, UG or PG.

6. It is not mandatory for all universities to allow their students to take two courses or programs simultaneously. The decision to run or otherwise run the most up-to-date UGC option is up to them.

7. Students should keep in mind that if they are taking two programs where they both remain in physical modes, it can be a problem due to the fact that it can be a physical stress for them to attend two sets of courses. Also, top 2 faculties may not be constantly close to each other so students easily move from one set of courses to another. The UGC president said that as a result of this, a physical + online combination may be best for students.

8. Pursuing 2 degrees/diplomas is not very easy as Kumar said it “depends on the student’s ability” and that this was simply an alternative to present even more versatility in higher studies. WHAT’S NEXT? As the UGC standards on pursuing 2 simultaneous degrees are revealed on Wednesday, all HEIs in India are sure to be educated the same. The HEIs will certainly inform their legal bodies about the UGC guidelines, as academic regulations will certainly be developed following the new norms.

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EDIT: The detailed UGC guidelines as per the notification released on April 13 are:

1. A student may attend 2 full-time academic programs in physical mode, provided that, in such cases, class schedules for one program do not overlap with course schedules for the other program.

2. A student can pursue two school programmes, one fully face-to-face and the other in an Open and Distance Learning (EAD)/Online regime; or approximately 2 ODL/Online programs simultaneously.

3. The degree or diploma programs in the EAD/Online modality will be carried out only with the HEIs identified by the UGC/Statutory Council/Gov. of India to run such programs.

4. Degree or diploma programs under these guidelines will be governed by the Regulation notified by the UGC and additionally by the respective statutory/professional councils, wherever applicable.

5. These rules come into force from the date of their notification by the UGC. No retroactive benefit can be claimed by students who currently take 2 academic programs at the same time prior to notification of these guidelines.

Direct link to UGC notification listing guidelines

Direct link to UGC chart for VCs

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