Udaariyaan June 21, 2022 full episode Written update: Tejo is back >

Udaariyaan June 21, 2022 Full Episode Written Update: Tejo Is Back ≫

Udaariyaan June 21, 2022 full episode Written update: Tejo is back The episode starts with Fateh saying how can I get married when Tejo is back. Nimmo says your roka hai, you didn’t think until the fall that wedding cards would be printed. Jasmine thinks calmly… Gurpreet says you took responsibility for America’s son, you can’t go back. He says I’m walking away from this marriage, not out of obligation. Jasmine says look at her condition, think about her, she’s been taking care of Tagus for 8-10 hours, we’ll do what she thinks is right. Satti hugs Jasmine and cries. Follow more updates at newsminatii.in

Udaariyaan June 21, 2022 Update in writing

Rupi says that Jasmine is right, we will postpone the wedding for 15-20 days, and we will find it easy to choose, I am happy with the arrival of the Tagus, although I am tense about Jasmine’s future. Khushbir says I agree with Rupi, take your time and choose, cards can print one more time, I can do without the world, this time don’t take any off-base options. Satti asks Fateh to come home and rest. Fateh says Tejo wakes up Roopi says I’ll deal with her, I’ll call you if I need to. Fateh and family vacation. Jasmine says Gurpreet will do as I need, she will take my life back.

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Fateh asks how I can think of marrying someone in the presence of the Tagus. Gurpreet said you were getting married to improve Amrik’s son. She says that the Tagus is also my duty. She says Tejo was here when you gave consent to the marriage. He says she was Tanya, so she didn’t marry me when the Tagus didn’t come I agreed, now I realize she’s alive, she’s with me, you guys wanted to see her in my life, you all know I loved her so much ton you asked me for what valid reason am i marrying jasmine let me say that tejo will always be in my heart currently she is with me i miss her and the memories of how i can choose to be with him i cant. Khushbir says I understand you. Bebe says that you chose to deal with Amrik’s child, Jasmine will cut the child off if you don’t marry her. Gurpreet says that Tejo cannot take away the inconstancy of her life, she is not Tejo. Fatah says no. She says she wants to take care, the kids need their mom, you’re going to be her mom. Fateh literally screams I will be her mother, if my affection had to go through this ordeal I would.

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Jasmine receives Rs. She starts acting. She cries and says that on one side is the Tagus and on the other is my baby, who has no father, I have achieved everything so far, even so, I believe that everything is true for this child. As I advise everyone to marry Fateh, they will think I’m arrogant, they’ll say I’m not thinking about my crazy sister, how can I say I’m happy with the arrival of the Tagus? Yes, I place more emphasis on my son.

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