Types of Sculpture – Definition, Form and Function.

Types Of Sculpture – Definition, Form And Function.

All types of sculptures – is a type of artwork created by humans, whose work is in three dimensions. Creative works are usually done by sculptors, this method of carving is done on the basis of clay materials or other means.

This time, Kabarkan.com will teach you about the Types of Sculptures. Where this lesson will be described clearly, with Based on Definition, Form and Function.


Sculpture is a work of art created by humans whose work is in three dimensions. Creative works are usually done by sculptors, this method of carving is done on the basis of clay materials or other means. The person who creates this work of art is called a sculptor. Carving results can last a long time.

All Types Of Sculptures

With the development of modern sculpture, the works that are made are becoming more diverse, both the use of materials and printing methods will provide insight into the visual art of sculpture.

Selena is a sculpture that is often known as a work of art whose results contain the value of beauty and luxury.

Examples such as sculptures that represent the types of works of art that exist in forms that have a very broad meaning, as the results of their work not only have forms like humans and animals, but in any form they want, as long as they meet the requirements, namely three-dimensional shapes and even has a volume that contains very beautiful art elements

Then to the technique commonly used in the manufacture of one of these types of sculpture by sculpture.

Whatever the tradition of creating this sculpture originating in the West, in ancient Greece, at the time, sculpture was considered one of the most valuable art forms.

statue shape

  • Figurative is a form of sculpture made by a natural imitation of a form, for example: humans, animals or plants. The form of this work is perfected completely in keeping with its originality.
  • Non-figurative sculpture is a work of art that is not performed as a figurative form, but is made outside of its original form. these results usually show lines, holes, cross-cuts or longitudinal cuts, and so on.
  • Free Position This is one of the sculptures, which shows almost every part of the body (Whole) in an upright position, that’s why this statue is called a free sculpture.
  • Torso This is one of the statues, which usually only shows half of the body or part of the chest, then the waist, all the way to the hips, this kind of paid statue Torso has no head.
  • Probe This is a form of sculpture, which shows almost every part of the body, now the difference with Free sculpture is that this type of Probe statue does not stand, but generally likes to sit, lie down and other positions.
  • Sedada is a type of sculpture that shows only half of the body, for example, from head to chest.
  • The head is a type of statue that usually only shows the head to the neck.
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Kinetic Sculpture is one of the three-dimensional sculptures that can move, that’s why it’s called Kinetic Sculpture. This statue can create movement that is supported by engine power, water power, and wind power.

An example of kinetic sculpture, for example, is a statue that can destroy/flow water, which is an innovative kinetic sculpture, so the water that comes out can flow very quickly, and then it will have an element of beauty.

Three-dimensional Sculpture This is one of the works or sculptures that can be seen from any angle. Where in this type of three-dimensional sculpture is still known.
Also, this statue can usually be found in temples ranging from ancient Greece, Rome and other places of worship.

In addition, it can also be found in medieval areas, for example as a statue of David, created by one of the most famous sculptors, Andre Kusmayadi.

Functions of various sculptures

  1. religious statue
    the function of creating this statue is a means of worship and religious significance for various communities that share religions.
  2. Monument statue
    The benefit of creating this statue is to honor memory or mark historical events and other heroic events or services in the past.
  3. architectural sculpture
    The purpose of this statue is to support the construction of buildings and aesthetic value or beauty.
  4. sculpture decoration
    From the creation of these sculptures they are used to decorate buildings or gardens, both in inns and playgrounds.
  5. Sculpture
    The purpose of making this statue is a purely aesthetic work of art, which is only appreciated for the beauty of its form.
  6. sculpture crafts
    The purpose of making this statue is to sell it as it is made by artisans.
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Individual role: Individual role or what we might call a personal role is intended only to satisfy your emotional needs.

An example of the role of art for people is to meet emotional needs. The plastic arts give pleasure to creators and art lovers. Don’t care about the judgments of others. Or not caring about the needs of others.

One who is sad can be comforted by appreciating the beauty of the painting itself. He creates his own painting, which will later serve to evoke memories of something beautiful.

Give enough enthusiasm. Visiting art exhibitions can also be an alternative to recovering our spirits or a tired mind with a boring daily routine, especially if we are art lovers.

Satisfying physical needs: Applied arts are used in life functions to satisfy physical needs. As this product is designed to last a lifetime, it must meet three criteria: comfort, beauty and safety.

This is very necessary because all three will influence each other and are necessary. The existence of applied art, which draws attention not only for its functionality, but also for its aesthetic or cosmetic value.

However, this is a clear advantage that can lead to comfort as one of the important pillars of satisfying physical needs.

An example is the design of attractive clothing and accessories that provide comfort, safety and value in use according to people’s physical needs.

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The social function of recreation Rest: we can call it entertainment. This entertainment is one of the artistic functions that can be felt directly. Because if we see the work, the heart will be calm, peaceful and comfortable.

Excited feeling back to work. This is a multiplier advantage in art appreciation. The beauty and comfort of a work of art is a special attraction that can entertain many people from various walks of life.

Just as combining musical elements can be fun, art also helps people refresh themselves after a tiring day of routine.

Function of communication Along with the development of technology, social networks and the Internet, works of art are increasingly effective in penetrating their cultural values.

See how an artist based in Europe conveys his ideas and cultural values ​​through images that can be seen by many people around the world through the social networks where the artist shares his work.

Consider the Indonesian artists who managed to surprise the world with their work. Surprisingly, artists convey culture through art. They present their art products to the world. For example, Batik, or Batik which is already known in the world.

Wyang Kulit, which is recognized in the world. Perhaps the world will also study the history of Wayang Kulit to learn how to make Wayang Kulit. This product is living proof as a communication tool. We gain a lot when we enjoy something rich in art.

Many famous building structures were created because the designer learned a lot from the architectural artistry of the previous buildings, which impressed him.

Nor is it a fashion design that continues to develop over time, the development of technology and information technology. It is undeniable that many designers learn from existing art and then develop creatively.

So, friends, we can convey this matter regarding the Types of Sculptures. We hope that with what we convey in this article, it can provide understanding and be useful to all of you. A MAN.

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