Tunisia: Invention turns air into drinking water

Tunisia: Invention Turns Air Into Drinking Water
Tunisia: Invention Turns Air Into Drinking Water

Tunisian engineers have just perfected a technology that creates drinking water from ambient air. This invention could be a sustainable solution to overcome the scarcity of drinking water resources in the country and elsewhere.

Reproduce the morning dew

Kumulus-1, the technology presented by the company of the same name, reproduces the phenomenon of morning dew. In fact, by capturing moisture from the air and then condensing it, the machine turns into water. Upstream, a cleaning filter removes its pollutants from the air, in order to guarantee the potability of the liquid that comes out.

A sustainable solution to a planetary challenge

The first machine, resembling a large white cube, was installed at a school in the rural town of El Bayadha, a landlocked territory on the Algerian border where access to water remains limited. Welcomed as a miraculous solution, the new water source is seen as a real hope, insofar as it is capable of producing up to 30 liters of water a day.

However, the machine is currently unusable. At least, not before its approval by the Tunisian authorities. However, if this test is positive, Kumulus-1 will become a revolutionary tool!

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