Toyota’s Commitment to Electrification, Presents a Hybrid Model!

Toyota’s Commitment To Electrification, Presents A Hybrid Model!

Toyota’s Commitment to Electrification – PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) continues to deliver Happiness Mobility for All. Even in welcoming the age of electrification. At the same time, it provides support for government regulations in an effort to reduce emissions. This can be seen in the product line that is starting to become environmentally conscious with superior hybrid technology. In addition, it aired in Indonesia’s fourth Autovaganza moment, June 4-5, 2022, yesterday.

Dimas Aska, Public Relations Manager at PT TAM, said that Toyota’s electrification loyalty is not limited to vehicle manufacturing. But creating an ecosystem is about electrification. Until later, residents can find the right way out of the mobilization.

“Our loyalty in supporting government regulations to accelerate the rise of the electrification vehicle industry in Indonesia is not just limited to how to increase the commercialization of electric cars and produce them, but how to detail the electrification vehicle industry ecosystem to that electrified vehicles are really the best option for residents to meet various types of needs, their mobilization needs,” said Dimas Aska at the fourth Autovaganza event held at QBig BSD, South Tangerang.

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This can be seen in several representatives of hybrid products that also animate Indonesia’s 4th Autovaganza. The Camry Hybrid sedan and Corolla Cross Hybrid came closer to the visitors. Even the Corolla Cross Hybrid can feel the grandeur and grandeur of its technology through the test drive of the exhibition.

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Not without arguments, TAM gave the Corolla Cross Hybrid as a representative. This mode, one of which is appreciated by citizens. The evolutionary version that bears the Corolla’s great name is more salable in its hybrid variation than the naturally aspirated engine. In addition, as a reflex, residents began to notice and welcome Toyota’s electrified vehicles.

TAM’s electrification portfolio cannot be underestimated. Started introducing and marketing hybrid cars since 2009. Starting with Prius until other modes follow. Call it the Lexus LS600h next year. Until now, Toyota’s hybrid car was littered with fragments from sedans, SUVs to MPVs. If you mention the numbers, TAM’s claim says that general marketing specifically for electrification penetrated 6,100 units.

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TAM is confident in welcoming the electrification era. Due to providing 50 years of experience in the automotive industry in Indonesia. Toyota is also committed to providing solutions for future deployments. One of them worked, the Multi-Pathway tactic. Not only providing electrified vehicles, but also an integrated ecotourism ecosystem with Toyota’s electrified vehicles that can be reached by multiple people.

If you look at Indonesia’s 50-year footprint, Toyota sees that it must go deep and embrace all parts if it wants to improve the automotive industry. As downstream to upstream support. From the supply chain, distribution network, loyal customers to communes or fans. All are important to be able to play a role in building the automotive industry. With this provision, Toyota is ready to welcome the presence of the electrification age. And it intends to repeat its success in making the automotive industry in Indonesia through a complete electrification related improvement.

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“50 years is definitely not a time for Toyota’s commitment to electrification in Indonesia. So far, we have learned and worked together to create a national automotive industry. Welcoming the electrification era, Toyota is ready to once again profoundly create an automotive ecosystem that can have a positive impact on all parties that participate in it,” said PT Toyota-Astra Motor (TAM) Marketing Director Anton Jimmi Suwandy.

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