Toyota recalls bZ4X electric SUVs on wheels that can come loose while driving

Toyota Recalls Bz4X Electric Suvs On Wheels That Can Come Loose While Driving

Toyota has issued a global recall of its 2023 bZ4X electric crossover SUV less than two months after the vehicle’s launch. The automaker said the wheel hub bolts can come loose while driving, which can cause the entire wheel to come loose. Naturally, Toyota is warning owners not to drive their vehicles until the problem is resolved.

The recall represents a setback for the world’s biggest automaker, which has committed to spending $17.6 billion to launch 30 battery-electric models by 2030. The bZ4X, which began deliveries to customers less than two months ago, is seen as the spearhead in Toyota’s belated attempt to switch to electric vehicles.

Toyota says cause of loose hub bolts still being investigated

Toyota says the cause of the loose hub bolts is still being investigated. Customers are advised to notify their local authorized Toyota dealer, who will take the bZ4X in for service and provide a free loan.

Toyota Recalls Bz4X Electric Suvs On Wheels That Can Come Loose While Driving

I don’t know what that says, but it looks bad.

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Of the 2,700 vehicles subject to the recall, 2,200 were destined for Europe, 280 for North America, 110 for Japan and 60 for the rest of Asia. Most vehicles were not delivered to consumers.

The bZ4X is the latest EV to be hit by a recall, though by comparison it appears to be one of the most serious. Ford issued a recall last week for 49,000 Mustang Mach-E SUVs, but insisted the problem could be fixed via an over-the-air software update. Other EVs were also recovered due to various software bugs and other minor issues.

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The recall comes at a time when demand for electric vehicles is steadily increasing, thanks to rising gasoline prices and the growing number of models available for purchase. Tesla continues to dominate the market, but traditional automakers are gaining ground with the launch of midsize crossovers and luxury vehicles. Prices are also rising, thanks to inflation, high demand and the rising cost of essential materials like the minerals that make up lithium-ion batteries.

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