Top 5 WhatsApp chat tracking apps – Urdubaaz

Top 5 Whatsapp Chat Tracking Apps – Urdubaaz

Top 5 WhatsApp chat tracking apps – Urdubaaz

  • Today I’m going to talk about five WhatsApp apps that let you update your girlfriend and you can also check your girlfriend’s or any of your friends’ online and offline notifications. That you will know whenever your friend or you come.

I will also give you an app in which you can use full WhatsApp chat from any of your friends on your mobile to get Full WhatsApp Tracker. All you have to do is read the full article and using the ten election tips you will be able to follow the full WhatsApp updates from any of your friends or girlfriends with ease. Seated.

  • What are the apps and how to use them, you will be told in this article, you read the full article and in the apps that will tell you in the first app if you use this app. After installing, you can easily have a complete WhatsApp history of anyone.

WhatsApp chat tracking apps – Urdubaaz

1st WhatsApp chat tracker app:

The first app you received, in the app you will be able to extract your girlfriend’s full WhatsApp chat. You will be able to get the date of it. I will also tell you how to do this. You can use this app. After installation, go to the chat of any girlfriend who wants to extract the details of the chat they want to have and click on the topics above, click on Moore and click on Export Chat and Wade Out Media. You will have the option. By clicking on it, you will have to select this app as you will select that your girlfriend’s complete information will be disclosed. Track all your stuff.

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2nd WhatsApp chat tracker app:

Track deleted WhatsApp chat

Now, the second application that I will give you is also a very wonderful application. In this one you will also be able to get the full WhatsApp update of your girlfriend with whom she is talking. And you will be able to see all the messages. Who is the person she loves? Separate apps are also telling you that because of this, they will all be deleted and you will also be able to recover all the chats that have been deleted and you will be surprised to see the app.


3rd WhatsApp chat tracker app:

Check WhatsApp offline notification online

In the first WhatsApp app, you can record anyone’s WhatsApp chats and this app will give you an online or offline notification check from any of your girlfriends or friends. Whenever your girlfriend is online you will get a notification that your friend is online today on WhatsApp and you can chat with her and she will also be surprised. How does he know when I come online? This is a wonderful app. You must try. You will be surprised. It’s an amazing app.


4th WhatsApp chat tracker app:

Follow your GF chat

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The app I’m going to tell you about is also a wonderful app. In it you will get the full WhatsApp chat tracker of any of your friends who they talk to at night except you. You will be able to extract the chat by reading the message one by one who he sent the message to and he will be surprised. You can download the app by clicking the download button below and in an easy way.


whatsapp tracker app

If you guys want to configure your girlfriend’s whatsapp as well as girlfriend’s whatsapp list, how long is she online on whatsapp, you can also know her complete whatsapp information and you can also know her last scene how long she is online on WhatsApp and you also get notifications whenever she is online. It’s a wonderful app. You will download it below. can download


How to use these apps?

Here’s how to use the five apps I’ve given you. First, I explained in detail which application was explained and also how you can use it in very different types. There are also apps that allow you to show any WhatsApp or tracker who is talking to whom on WhatsApp and you will be able to make WhatsApp WhatsApp from anyone and if you want to check the last scene of anyone’s WhatsApp update. You can also check out what was his last scene on WhatsApp and who he talks to on WhatsApp and what you can do if you want to keep an eye on your family’s children. It was disguised. As soon as you install it, it will ask for some permission. You have to bring. Then you have to go to WhatsApp and put it on standby. How it works.

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