Tips to Avoid Crypto Scams – Narration

Tips To Avoid Crypto Scams – Narration

Tips To Avoid Crypto Scams – The activity of buying and selling cryptocurrencies is indeed a relatively new investment in Indonesia. However, the growth in the number of investors in the cryptocurrency world is quite large because it can outpace equity investors in the country.

However, lack of investor understanding is often a gap for irresponsible individuals to carry out cryptocurrency investment fraud. What are the top tips for investors to avoid cryptocurrency investment scams?

Investment figure Desmon Wira explained that the most important thing people need to know is to understand the ins and outs of the crypto assets they want to invest in.

When asked how much risk is involved in investing in cryptocurrencies, Desmond admits that cryptocurrencies are high-risk investment instruments with high price volatility. This fact makes investing in cryptocurrencies not suitable for everyone.

So even though access is unlimited and can be enjoyed by anyone, those who are serious about being cryptocurrency investors should be prepared to take risks and commit to learning the world of cryptocurrencies well. As news, the rapidly growing cryptocurrency investment fraud schemes in Indonesia often target ordinary people.

Not infrequently they are persuaded to follow Ponzi schemes under the guise of cryptocurrencies, or even participate in investments in fake coins because of Fomo. One of the most reported crypto fraud issues in Indonesia is Edccash.

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The modus operandi of this scam is Ponzi to attract a fixed profit (fixed profit) digital currency E-Dinar Coin Cash. Furthermore, the matter was taken to court and caused a loss of Rp. 285 billion.

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