Tips on the best way to overcome slow Android

Tips On The Best Way To Overcome Slow Android

Tips On The Best Way To Overcome Slow Androidfikroh. with – The best way to deal with Android slowdown. As you know, there are often people who are slow on Android or on themselves.

Something like that requires a way to deal with slow Android to improve phone performance and support normal tasks, right? Also, these things can interfere with your use.

Android problem is slow

Maybe we’re annoyed that Android can’t function as personalized as when we bought it brand new. There are several factors that can do this. So if you’ve faced something like this, it could be a problem that needs a way to deal with slow Android if you have it.

This could be some of these factors like memory that is also full, usage of unsupported apps and many others. It’s no wonder that if something like this happens, some people will quickly find a way to deal with slow Android, which has dragged on similar things and doesn’t have to take the performance out of their smartphone.

How to fix slow Android
As explained above, let’s look at some ways to overcome slow Android that you can try here. This will clean your Android device faster and limit some of your connections and activities.

  1. problem identification
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One way to deal with slow Android is to find out why Android is slow. This system can be caused by issues, apps or other aspects that can be identified before determining the cause of low Android performance.

  1. The memory is too full

Second, you can deal with a slow Android by preventing your phone’s internal memory from getting full. In this case, you will not be able to update the latest version of the application. Requires less internal storage capacity and only slows down.

If it’s slow to completely clear cache data, you can also use Android’s processing method. You can go to Settings and select Save and clear cache data. Therefore, you can also clear the internal memory and the data that fills the internal memory.

  1. minimize widget

Installing too many widgets on the home screen can slow down Android. Widgets considered unimportant to available Android controls should be removed. So, you can clean Android phones that are slow and often go back to work.

  1. Close the app and free up RAM

If you have multiple apps open and they haven’t closed, the app might be slow on Android. So close the app you were running before and open another app to solve Android lag.

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Of course, you can use Clean Master program, which can help you easily manage your Android and close programs with just one click. RAM will also be free to reduce the amount of memory available.

  1. Screen animation and infection

You should be aware that screen and launcher animations can slow down Android performance. So you can disable both methods to deal with slow Android. Here are some steps:

Go to Settings, scroll down and select About Phone.
Find the software information, select the form number and press 7 times until you see active developer options. Go back to Settings and select Developer Options.

Scroll down and look for Window Animation Volume, turn it off.
Select and adjust the animator constant volume.

  1. restart android

One of the quickest ways to deal with Android is to restart it. After that, auto-cache Android and stop system boot. So your phone will normally restart before that, no need to slow down.

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